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The six types of engineering boys. 


Hey guys. Isn’t this the most booty-ful thing you’ve ever seen? I’m not sorry.

So this doubles as both part of 30 Days of Sniper and an OTP prompt (just like the one I posted two WIPs for), as well as the perfect excuse to use my new favorite phrase. For some reason I can’t find the actual original prompt this was for, even though I’m 99% sure that I liked it since I like all the prompts that I plan to do at some point. This is the closest one I could find:

Person A’s butt fell off and Person B needs to help them get it back on.

The original one I saw said something more like, “Imagine Person A lost their butt. Person B goes on an adventure to get it back.” Maybe these are the same prompts and the wording got changed for some reason. IDK

BTW I think you guys should know that in my headcanon, Sniper is a major ass-man. Good thing Femgie’s got plenty of ass for him to grope. B)