"Frau Soldie - er, Heavy, may I remind you that we are leading 4-0 so we can do this?"
"Doktor, I KNOW we can do this. But until we have 5 Spy rush to our capture point while we ‘park bus’, pick-up game we are in is struggling to breathe.”

looks like Scout already thinks the PUG is dead cough

An atypical 6v6 picture (read: offclasses; release Femoman and Femsolly somebody plz) with some lady mercenaries and a whole lotta experimenting with Photoshop and phongmaps. Fairly inspired by yhrite​’s awesome filtering/post-editing. 

So I thought it would be good idea to try to put as many awesome Tumblr people as I can in one pic without making it look too full. And then I got stuck in Enza’s blog and listened Christmas songs for 2 hours and then I didn’t know how to put all the rest of awesome people in this pic so yeah…. how many of you hates me now?











Hey guys. Isn’t this the most booty-ful thing you’ve ever seen? I’m not sorry.

So this doubles as both part of 30 Days of Sniper and an OTP prompt (just like the one I posted two WIPs for), as well as the perfect excuse to use my new favorite phrase. For some reason I can’t find the actual original prompt this was for, even though I’m 99% sure that I liked it since I like all the prompts that I plan to do at some point. This is the closest one I could find:

Person A’s butt fell off and Person B needs to help them get it back on.

The original one I saw said something more like, “Imagine Person A lost their butt. Person B goes on an adventure to get it back.” Maybe these are the same prompts and the wording got changed for some reason. IDK

BTW I think you guys should know that in my headcanon, Sniper is a major ass-man. Good thing Femgie’s got plenty of ass for him to grope. B)


THE CHRISTMAS COLLAB IS DONE! And earlier than expected!

Thanks to everyone who allowed me to use their OCs and muses in this pic! This collab meant a lot to me, as many of you who are included on here have been really good friends to me. The whole purpose of me doing this was to not only bring us closer together, but our muses too. :)

So here’s the list of OCs again in order of approval:

I know my style may seem different, so I made smaller pics of nine of the OCs in case you do not see yours. The name is also included on these.

Also, I’d like to give Pinky and Femgie one more thanks for helping me decide the gift colors! :)

Thank you all, and Merry Christmas!   ~Nutmeg