Bride General of Hannibal II (2015)

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The Sources:

  • Alana: Promo Picture Hannibal Season 2: Photo by Michael Muller/NBC ) [x]
  • Painting: Portrait of Pyotr P. Konovnitsyn, by George Dawe [1825]  [x]

Other Bride General of Hannibal paintings:

  • Bedelia du Maurier [x]

Sorry for delay, guys! Idow and her buddies rich Sovaum, the main of ayelahaian city.

Oh, we was working on this so hard! It took a bunch of time, we mixed it between Lin’s study works and commission work, and finally we finished it. We’ll take a bigger interval before we’ll post next pages. The next one will appear on FA - 06.15.
Thank you very much for support! Especially in comments here, you guys are awesome. Buuuff.