I’m Gabriella. I spent the past few months quite down on myself due to a recent turn of events in my life. I am beginning to really love myself again. I am finding my beauty and my sexuality, and I love it. Self love is so important. This community is so important.

Come say hello, beautiful people!


Last year I was a physics student at university, had an almost perfect GPA, a wonderful social life, was close with a lot of people, and I felt gorgeous and fat and fine. I started getting very sick, but doctors passed it off as just flu or cold symptoms, until I got in an accident that resulted in quite a lot of blood loss and nobody was sure why, until we found out there was a leukaemia situation going on. 

I withdrew from university, I withdrew from social activities, I stopped eating and could only eat things like soup and custard, I even stopped talking to my best friend for 3 months. I relied a lot on my family, and to deal with everything I just joked around about what was happening, my sister didn’t understand how I was being so chill about it, but I was freaking out. A recent bone marrow biopsy showed that there were no leukaemia cells in my blood, so I’m now mostly okay (although my blood is still very thin).

The thing is, is that my hair was long, incredibly thick and usually wild and curly, but the day after I found out what was happening I had majority of it cut off! My hair was my main thing, it’s what helped me feel beautiful and sexy, and it may sound stupid but I felt like my essence had been stripped away. I could deal with losing a bit of weight, I could deal with the mental and physical ramifications, and as it was happening - but now I’m okay, and I still feel like I’m missing a huge part of myself. I know this is sort of pathetic to complain about my hair, but I did not feel beautiful for a long time, and I’m still finding it hard to look in the mirror and see the beauty I used to see in myself. So, maybe if I show the world (or at least a wonderful blog on Tumblr) then maybe it’ll help give me some confidence in myself, and my short hair. 

Hello, my name’s Kristina. Dude, this blog has changed my life. I used to be so insecure, it was ridiculous. I still am but I’m also more accepting of my body. This blog has also helped me find my style, which has made me more confident. Thank you admin. You did an amazing job 

 23, size 24, Mexican-American, California. 


Instagram: Mejiakristina

Ps. I’m sleep deprived and have a major hangover