why dogs are infinitely better than people
  • dogs won’t judge you for being gay, lesbian, bi, or anything else
  • dogs won’t judge you for your genitals. they’ll stick their face down there no matter what you have
  • dogs aren’t racist  - LITERALLY COLORBLIND
  • dogs won’t tell you your mental illness isn’t real they just want to make you feel better
  • dogs love you unconditionally no matter your race, gender, sexual orientation or state of mind and that is WAY better than a lot of people.

Don’t call females “people with vaginas”!!! It’s not only misogynistic but extremely triggering to dysphoric females especially! Do not remind me that I have a vagina! Don’t remind me that I have a uterus! Don’t remind me that I menstruate! There’s a word for this, it’s called female ! leave me alone

It’s tumblr’s Jewish preservation day! I know a lot of people have been arguing about if it’s acceptable for us to put up selfies or not, but I will be. I will be putting up plenty of other things, but these pictures are important to me, and I will explain why. To many Jews, looks play a big part in their identity. Their hair, their nose, their skin; many of it is stereotyped by non Jews (another word for this is Goyim, which, I want to emphasize, is NOT a slur or bad word. If you are not a Jew, you are a Goy. It’s not bad.) and these stereotyped looks have lead to anti semitism and self hatred. I myself, a convert into Judaism, have been told “Oh, well yeah, I guess you look Jewish. I mean you gave the hair and nose.” Or “you’re so pretty for a Jew though!” And that hurts. A lot. This mixed race convert queer Jew girl does not want comments on her body being backhanded comments on her religion and adopted family. I may be a convert, but the history of the Jewish people is my history. I’ve lost relatives to the Holocaust. Friends and family of mine have fought and even died for my people’s rights. I’ve felt fear and dread and hatred, even have had my life threatened for my being a Jew. Sometimes, only for my looks. I’ve had people try to tell me what I am without knowing anything about me other than the fact I’m Jewish (usually trying to tell me I am white, using the very American concept and idea of white). I’ve had teachers set me aside during debates do I can be the token Jew and give the “Jewish viewpoints” on things, only to later tell me to stop sharing anything about it. I’ve felt the absolute dread of dropping change on the ground and not wanting to pick it up because of the greedy Jew stereotypes. I’ve felt myself become frozen when somebody comes up to me to ask me of I’m Jewish, wanting to cry out of sadness when I see the cold looks they give me, or wanting to cry of happiness when they tell me that they too are Jewish, knowing I have found a new family member and friend. I’ve had people in the Queer community tell me I have to choose one or the other. That I can’t be a religious queer. In fact, despite common reports, I’ve found more acceptance of my sexuality in the Jewish community than acceptance of my religion in the Queer communities. My looks, my picture -that is me. And I am a Jew. And I am proud. I preserve our history. Me. Just like so many others. All who have a face unique to themselves. And that is why I am posting this selfie. I am not taking anything away from anybody else, as I won’t let anybody take anything else away from me.