Bride General of Hannibal VII (2015)

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The Sources:

  • Abigail: Hannibal  Screenshot Season 2 (Credit: NBC ) [x]
  • Painting: Orlov Denisov by George Dawe [1825]  [x]

Other Bride General of Hannibal paintings:

  • Bedelia du Maurier [x]
  • Dr. Alana Bloom [x]
  • Bella Crawford [x]
  • Margot Verger [x]
  • Beverly Katz [x]
  • Freddie Lounds [x]

“John Oliver says we still don’t have enough paid leave for moms”.

“ As Oliver says in the segment, the U.S. and Papua New Guinea are the only countries in the world that don’t mandate paid maternity leave. Although we do have 12 weeks of unpaid leave under federal law, the law only covers about 40% of working moms. That leaves the majority of working moms to piece together the time off they need, or give up pay for days they miss, or even lose their jobs. Although a few states have passed legislation to help moms by expanding maternity leave, we’re still nowhere near getting a federal mandate. “

This disgusts me so much…. Not only is it ridiculously transphobic, but very inaccurate as well. First of all, CAITLYN Jenner has not yet undergone genital surgery (according to current media). And just because one possess the body parts of a male, that doesn’t mean they are one, or vice versa. Additionally, getting minor facial reconstruction or other body parts re-done, such as lips or butt, is COMPLETELY different than a transition to another gender. The two cannot be compared. Finally, it is beyond inconsiderate and disrespectful to refer to Caitlyn as Bruce, or use male pronouns. She has explicitly stated to call her by her female name. It’s dehumanizing and insulting to purposely mis-gender someone.

This is yet another reason why the meninist movement page is disgusting, misogynistic, and transphobic. They are NOT a “mens’ rights” movement, but rather an offensive Twitter page that targets, attacks, and bullies. I am sick and tired of seeing meninists continuously attack and make fun of women, girls, and the feminism movement as a whole. I am also sick and tired of seeing blatant transphobia be tolerated. It takes insane amounts of bravery and personal confidence to come out as transgender in such a hateful society. What Caitlyn has done should be praised, not made fun of. The transgender community deserves respect, security, and the same opportunities as everyone else.

I will no longer tolerate this, something needs to change.