Feminism is about liberation, not equality

Why the fuck would I want to be equal to males? When did feminism go from dismantling patriarchy to “Equality”. I want the liberation of all females FROM males and patriarchy, not to hold hands with them! It’s been apparent to me for a while that most people can’t really imagine “equality.”  All they imagine is having the existing power structure inverted. They think if I say I don’t want equality, that means I want females to have power over males(ya know like we’ve had for centuries).

I cannot decide whether this shows how unimaginative they are, or shows how aware they must be of what they do in order to so deeply fear having it turned on them.

Get it straight, 

“A commitment to sexual equality with men is a commitment to becoming the rich instead of the poor, the rapist instead of the raped, the murderer instead of the murdered.” - Andrea Dworkin

"Most people in the United States think of feminism or the most commonly used term “women’s lib” as a movement that aims to make women the social equals of men. This broad definition, popularized by the media and mainstream segments of the movement, raises problematic questions. Since men are not equals in white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal class structure, which men do women want to be equal to? Do women share a common vision of what equality means? Implicit in this simplistic definition of women’s liberation is a dismissal of race and class as factors that, in conjunction with sexism, determine the extent to which an individual will be discriminated against, exploited, or oppressed.”—Bell Hooks, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center

“People sometimes say that we will know feminism has done its job when half the CEOs are women. That’s not feminism; to quote Catharine MacKinnon, it’s liberalism applied to women. Feminism will have won not when a few women get an equal piece of the oppression pie, served up in our sisters’ sweat, but when all dominating hierarchies - including economic ones - are dismantled.”― Lierre Keith

Female Dean blasting American Woman (the Guess Who’s version only, thank you very much!) in the Impala with all the windows down and the volume entirely too loud, winking at men (and women) at traffic lights. The song becomes her personal theme, and she’s humming it as she strides into a bar, slapping her combat booted feet against the ground in time with the song in her head. 

Demon!Dean singing that song in karaoke. Her voice sucks, and most of the ladies in the bar are booing her, but the guys are too busy checking out her long, long alluringly bowed legs in those tiny, tiny shorts. 

Then some dude tries to touch her while she’s flirting with a lady and Deanna throws him through a window. 

After she manages to decimate every last square inch of the bar, she strides back out to the Impala, humming the song again, then blasting it through her baby’s speakers, leaving six feet of rubber in the bar’s parking lot. 

Coloured lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else’s eyes
Now woman, I said get away
American woman, listen what I say, hey