The Official Times!

If you cannot make your time or make it on January 3rd, please message us ASAP. We will need to re-audition your character.

Times are All in Eastern! 

Intro- 11:30am

Nordics- 12:00pm

Baltics- 1:00pm

  • Lithuania:
  • Estonia:
  • Latvia:

BTT- 2:00pm

Itabros- 3:00pm

2p- 4:00pm (6 actors max.)

FACE- 5:00pm

Soviet- 6:00pm

Romantic- 7:00pm

Germanic- 8:00pm (We will fill in up to six)

Nyo- 9:00pm 

Ancients- 10:00pm (We will accept the first six to sign on)

Female Nations- 11:00pm (Again, first six to come)

  • Belarus:
  • Ukraine:
  • Hungary:
  • Liechtenstein:
  • Belgium:
  • Seychelles:
  • Taiwan:
  • Etc…

Ending- 12:00am

In Case any Panel fails:

  • Frying Pangle
{This makes Things Easier} -open to mutuals-

Komui had, for once, invented something helpful. Unbeknownst to Komui, or any of Central, Allen had gotten mixed up and used the machine on himself, successfully separating Allen and Nea, giving the Noa and new body of his own. While the blast had knocked Allen out, it hadn’t taken Nea down, and so, the Noah was roaming the halls of the Order, dressed in a white lab coat (and nothing more), trying to find his way out. He was lost, and pretty confused…