Imagine who’s my next cosplay plan. :D

I’m planning her like a half year ago, and now I decided to make her. Hiccup’s personality is really similar to mine, and I’m in love with his character for a long time, so I thought why not, I’m making a female version c: 

Oh also I think I’ll use a shorter wig for her. ^^”

It’s only a makeup test for now, but I want to make the full armor. If I finish it you can ask Astrid, and fem!Hiccup too! ^^

Cosplay page: Nezrenael Cosplay

anonymous asked:

Have you got any fem!IwaOi, fem!KuroKen and fem!BokuAka headcanons? You are a queen :3

thank youu? and yes I love fem!headcanons aaaa I’m so so weak for them otp lesbians.


  • Fem!Oikawa would definitely be the queen of the school
  • she’s the captain of the Volleyball team, also very beautiful, athletic, kind and popular
  • everyone adores her and at least half of the school has got a crush on her (not matter if boys or girls)
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa are in the same class, but hardly ever talk to each other 
  • Iwaizumi is the captain of the soccer team and has the reputation of being blunt and rude, so she doesn’t have much friends
  • she likes to hang out with boys during lunch and loves to talk about her favorite action movies
  • they both have a crush on each other since an encounter in their first year in high school, when Iwaizumi lent an umbrella to Oikawa
  • but since Iwaizumi never talked to her again after that, Oikawa always thought Iwaizumi hated her
  • yet at the end of their 3rd year, Oikawa decided to ask her out for the prom and beams when Iwaizumi accepts
  • they find out they share the same taste in movies, like Godzilla and Pacific Rim
  • Iwaizumi realizes Oikawa isn’t one of those flawless typical cute girls at all, but has a thing for aliens and tend to overwork herself a lot
  • Oikawa learns that Iwaizumi is one of the kindest people on earth, that she has a thing for romantic dates and tends to blush really hard when Oikawa leans in to kiss her


  • just like Oikawa, Kuroo is a really popular girl at school, yet sometimes she’s more feared than actually adored (at least when it comes to the boys at school)
  • she has this awe-inspiring aura and likes to tease by wearing her skirt extra short and tight shirts
  • since she’s openly lesbian though, she doesn’t get bothered too much by the boys on her school 
  • kenma, on the contrary, get’s harrassed a lot, which is why Kuroo almost never leaves her side when they’re not in class (she often claims that Kenma is too cute for her own good)
  • they try to keep their relationship a secret, but everyone knows anyways since Kuroo is doing a shitty job at hiding her feelings 
  • Kenma loves wearing boys underwear and sports bras and baggy clothes in her spare time (also she loves videogames obviously)
  • Kuroo on the other hand loves to dress feminine and to wear make up and do her hair
  • she also loves to drag Kenma to the mall and put her in dresses and skirts Kenma tags along because she knows how much Kuroo adores her in cute clothing, but she still prefers wearing rather boyish clothes and she’s glad Kuroo accepts that
  • it doesn’t stop her from putting on lace underwear from time to time though to make her girlfriend happy (Kuroo literally jumps her every single time when she does - who wouldn’t)


  • similar to the headcanons above, Bokuto is really poular at school, at least in her class and among her teammembers
  • her and Akaashi met in Bokuto’s 2nd year, when Akaashi joins the girl’s volleyball team as the new 1st year setter
  • they don’t get along at all at first though, since as the ace, Bokuto adores their current setter a lot and doesn’t want anyone to interfere in the dynamic of their team
  • it takes some time until Bokuto trusts her as a teammate, but the moment Akaashi comes up with the idea of changing her techniqe to a straight spike, Bokuto is head over heels for her
  • yet Akaashi is everything Bokuto is not: she’s reserved, always wears this considerate look on her face, has a calming aura and a natural beauty that makes Bokuto more than frustrated
  • Bokuto never leaves the house without doing her hair or putting on lots of make up, since she doesn’t consider herself naturally beautiful at all
  • she’s also afraid of showing her body to Akaashi when they finally get together, since a lot of scars are visible on her skin (especially on her thights, that’s why she always wears long kneepads at practice and leggins under her skirt)
  • it takes al lot of time and even more of Akaashi’s love for her to get rid of these insecurities and anxious thoughts
  • the mood swings remain, but Akaashi has learnt to deal with them and definitely grew fond of her girlfriends antics