I look awful in like 70% of them, but I’ve got so many good memories.. already miss all of them!
I missed Jared <3 can’t wait for next year!

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can I request GOM when they meet a beautiful gorgeous girl that's exactly like them personality wise? What would their reaction be? (imagine akashi dealing with kawaii girl version of himself lol)

This is so cute! ♡

AKASHI had noticed her around school, but hadn’t planned on pursuing any type of relationship with her. Until he finally spoke with her. She was assertive, strong willed, intelligent and everything else Akashi wanted in a woman. The day they first spoke Akashi was sure they’d be together for a long time, he just wasn’t sure how he’d make her understand that he was the only absolute one.

AOMINE did not expect to meet such a beautiful girl who could relate to him in every aspect. She was just as lazy and unmotivated as he was. He’d be confused with how to speak with her, not because he isn’t confident, but because if she’s just like him then he knows she wants to be left alone. The only thing that he hates is that she was as good at him at doing these lazy things. He’d just have to find a way to beat her.

KISE would be so excited, he’d never met anyone else with as much energy and good vibes as he. He’d never let go of her, and she’d always be by his side. They’d be inseparable the minute they meet. They’re always pranking each other and joking around. Kise knows that he can be a bit overzealous with his friends, but she never complained and always went along with everything he said.

KUROKO couldn’t help the excitement from bubbling over in his chest. He’d be smiles the rest of the day, saying how she’s perfect. Never in a million years did Kuroko think he’d find a beautiful, sweet girl who had the same amount of presence as he. Kuroko doesn’t know how, even with the lacking amount of presence, she still shines brighter than anyone he’s ever met.

MIDORIMA would be intrigued by her. She’s intelligent, beautiful and she’s all over Oha Asa, he couldn’t help but let the corner of his lips raise into a small smile. They would both be a blushing mess every time they spoke to one another, but they would relax as they had intellectual conversations.

MURASAKIBARA was so excited that he’d found a girl who would eat as much candy as him. Of course she wasn’t as tall as he was, and she wasn’t as lazy as he, but she sure did remind Murasakibara of himself. He’d always want to do something, but before he could ask she’d already suggested it. He would smile more with her around, he would even do things without being asked.