A little modern!AU Christmas because I wanted to draw them in dorky sweaters. Well modern Middle Earth, I guess? Look, I don’t know.

Fili got a little too drunk and has decided it is very much his job to go around with mistletoe and get people to kiss.

[link] to non-fem!Bilbo version why would you do that? fem!Bilbo is life


Here’s the Christmas Project Poster, Sadly under time constraints and whatnot I sadly was not able to add everybody in this poster, I want to give a massive shoutout to tentachicken for the awesome work editing this poster, so thank you so much!!

Another shout out to cdjo for help with posing! thank you man!

Full versions of the posters can be found here!

Here’s the list of people in this Poster











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Sadly there were many more, that i really wanted to add, but could not :c

I’m sorry.


the winter soldier + fem!stucky au

This was supposed to happen a looonnnng time ago and I’ve been gone for a while too, but it’s finally here! Yayyy! Happy follow forever, anniversary and merry Christmas! :D

So, a little history summed up, last year I watched DR and SDR2, fell in love with it the despair fell in love with Komaeda, and he brought me back to the rp world. Around this time last year, I was already roleplaying him, and through this entire year I’ve written for such interesting characters, not only Komaeda, but Celes (reginaementior) and Komaru (inersauctor), met some really cool people, amazing writers and some I can even call friends. 

I’m really out of words for how incredible it’s been to talk with you, thread with you, write with you, chat with you, heck, even seeing you in my dash and just admiring from afar what amazing rpers you are. Thank you for your mentions in other FFs, thank you for saying you admire me, thank you for saying you liked my writing, thank you for writing with me, threading with me, thanks for the asks. In short, thank you for deciding to follow me and for staying.

And now, welcome the categories!

                 Nagito Komaeda's round table

Komaeda is hella difficult character who deserves ALL THE LOVE! Here’s to the wonderful people who still keep him alive!

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You should all know that I’m super lame and that this is how I call my friends, it comes from the spanish word ‘amigo’ which means friends! I love you people and I’d adoooreeee if we’d keep on talking *-* Thank you for talking to me! -hugs you for 1546546 years-

espxranza  Alyx! you were the first friend I had in here and one of the people I’ve rped for the longest time! You’re such a dedicated writer and rper and I really hope you achieve anything you put your mind too. I can never thank you enough for helping me out and hearing me, and for just being there and talking to me and writing with me.

hajmehinata I didn’t know which blog to tag you in, but you had to be here. Alex is one of the best writers I’ve met and I’m really glad he talked to me and wanted to write with me, because you can never have enough writer friends. I’ll most likely never forget my komaeda muse and you’ll surely won’t forget your hinata muse so I hope we can keep on writing anyhow.

gemuhime  Ok Ok, Lina doesn’t know thissss, but she’s actually an excellent Nanami and oh dear everything an excellent writerrrrr. I can’t ever get enough writer friendsss. It’s been such a joy to write with your Nanami, and to talk to you. The interactions between your nanami and my komaeda really made me happy. I hope you know that <3 

And last, but not least, nernui Miranda is probably the sweetest person I know and she’s practically real life Nanami. I’m so happy that my cutie Muffin is in her hands. Thank you for being here and helping me out and just for talking to me, really. I hope we can keep at it <3

                         RP buddies

To everyone I’ve rped with, whether it was only a small thread, one liners, or a multi-para. Thank you for writing with me and for the friendships (or rivalries lol) between our characters. I will truly miss our threads <3

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Quaestus is the latin word for ‘admiration’. Thank you and your amazing writing for existing gasdfghj -hugs you-

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+ blogroll 

To the people I rp with, have rped with, and to everyone on my dash, Merry Christmas, and a happy 2015!!

        ~ pj out!

musicforyourthoughts asked:

Hi! I'm new on tumblr and looking for good accounts to follow so what are some of the best Hetalia, SnK, art, or anime blogs you know? Thank you!

I can only help you with Hetalia blogs,sorry.

tiravel, fem-usa, bubbleteahime, la-douce-france, aph-england, aphprussia, aph-germany, hetaliaxispowers​, aphsnow​, blankettalia

those are really just a few though. We have a lot of great Hetalia blogs here!