Hey everyone!!
I finally finished da first part of C O N C E P T S about this crossover.
Yep, this is DMmD x Portal (2?) just cause I realy love this game
In short… …

Ironically, Aoba can`t talk,  the main asshole of this ALMOSTcorporation is Toue. Sei is his successor which replaced Caroline in this AU and don`t remember anything about his past. But it`s okay, once he get his potato form he`ll remember
Ren is cube-companion, for whom I still didn`t draw human form. In first Portal if yoi`ll listen attentively to him, then you can hear soft and cute songy. Well, from this one you can hear quiet “OWBA”
Andddd Clear is one of the broken turrets. THAT broken turret. And all the other turrets, obviously are Alpha`s
Please, pray for my soul and I`ll continue this

So. This happened today. XD #jafar #cosplay #magi #femjafar you get fem because I was not brave enough to wade through my cosplay room and find my binder. XD;; I’ll be wearing him at AX at some point (so I can sinja with bro before I die LOL) and hopefully I’ll have time for photos soon. ;u;

anonymous asked:

Do you think at times Stoick couldnt look at femcup because she looked so much like Val?

Oh absolutely. Sometimes, often when Hiccup was angry or trying to argue passionately about something, she resembled her mother so much Stoick couldn’t bear to listen. It especially got hard as Hiccup got older and grew her hair out…