Part 2: someday♡

Here is the secret to fandom:

Give zero fucks about what anyone else is doing.

Seriously.  I mean it.  Because inevitably you will love something that no one else loves.  Or you will love something that everyone loves and people will shit all over it because it’s “so trite and unimaginative and done.” Or you will love something that no one else has ever heard of.  Or you will love something dark and edgy and or obscure and people will roll their eyes and say, “What, do you want people to think you’re dark and edgy and obscure?”

Alternatively, you will not love the thing that everyone else loves, and you will wonder what precisely is wrong with you that the sight of that thing is aggravating the shit out of you now when the whole world sings its praises as one.

People will irritate you.  They’ll irritate you with headcanons that make no sense and misinterpretations of canon.  They will make the same jokes 500 times.  They will overwhelm your corner of fandom with something you either are tired of hearing about or don’t care about.  They will post art that isn’t theirs.  You will meet people who think you are the greatest person ever and bombard you with messages  only to wander off when they find someone new or shinier; you will meet people whom you admire and who do not really seem to notice you exist. 

So give zero fucks about it.  Seriously.  Like what you like, blacklist what you need to blacklist, and ignore everything else.  Be friends, play nice, enjoy it.  And in the meantime, just do you.  Like what you like, love what you love, and to hell with all the rest of it. 

Hera Will Make A Man Out of You China! ((a Mulan Parody))

*China gets on stage and holds microphone close*

TO DEFEAT THE PORN!*karate chops a Rochu yaoi*

*Japan and Hungary and Hera looks shocked and protest at him*

China: Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons? *Japan says his son, but China ignores him

*China get ready to start next line when Freya jumps onto the stage and steals the Microphone*

Freya: You’re the saddest guy I ever knew! *gestures to China*

Freya: But you can bet before we’re through

*Freya pulls Hera next to her and puts her arm around Hera’s shoulder*

Freya: Hera will make a man out of yoooouuuu!

*China gets flustered and leaves. Freya pulls Heracles out from behind the curtain and gives him the microphone*

Heracles: Hera is as a tranquil as a cat but has a fire within.

*2p-Austria takes Microphone from Heracles*

Richard: China, once you find your center
You are sure to find out normal sex~

*Richard throws microphone to Sebo*

Sebo: You’re a spineless pathetic guy!
And you haven’t got a clue!

*typo-x yanks microphone from Sebo*

Typo-X: Somehow Hera will make a man out of you!

*light flashes onto Japan*

Japan: I’m never gonna show you yaoi

*hides yaoi from China. Light flashes to America next*

America: Say goodbye to those who ship AmeChu! *cracks his knuckles and neck*

*light flashes to Akane*

Akane: Boy, I was right to show him porn! *she pulls China out from behind the stage*

*Amy pats China on his head*

Amy: Poor guy! Porn has him scarred for life!

*light flashes to Hera*

Hera: I hope he learns quickly!

*Ned lightly pushes Hera from out of the light*

Ned: Now I wish I could charge him pornos!

*Everyone who has and does not have a part sings together except for China*

Everyone except China:
(To be a man)
China must be a fast learner
(To be a man)
With all the force of a great thruster
(To be a man)
With all the abilities of a Frenchmen and Italian
We’re curious how you can have sex with a Furby!!

*everyone stops singing together and light flashes onto Tree-Whisker, Lucia, Hungary, Pearl, Hikari, and Flavio*

Tree-Whisker: Time is racing toward us until China gets laid!

Lucia: China, heed every of Hera’s orders and you MIGHT get laid!

Hungary: You’re unsuited for the rage of straight sex! Go back to Furby!

Pearl: So pack up! And go to room 102 to do the do with Mister Furby!

Hikari: Mister Furby is waiting for you!

Flavio: How could Hera make a man out of yoooouuu!!!

*Everyone who performed and did not perform sang together except China:

Everyone except China:
(To be a man)
China must be a fast learner
(To be a man)
With all the force of a great thruster
(To be a man)
With all the abilities of a Frenchmen and Italian
We’re curious how you can have sex with a Furby!!

Everyone except China:
(To be a man)
China must be a fast learner
(To be a man)
With all the force of a great thruster
(To be a man)
With all the abilities of a Frenchmen and Italian
We’re curious how you can have sex with a Furby!!

*Everyone make a pose around China and Hera*


Thanks for everyone who volunteered to make this!

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HELLOOOO!~ Can I get a scenario with GOM confessing to their crush and she cheekily replies, "What happens if I say yes?"LOL

AHAH, I love this!! I love it when reader-chan is a strong one!

AKASHI normally wouldn’t be the first to confess to someone, but this girl seemed different, he felt like he needed to confess to her, he regretted it the minute he did. “What happens if I say yes, Seijuro,” being Akashi, he didn’t miss a beat “You will be mine, and only mine.”

AOMINE scratched his head as he walked up to her. “Hey,” this was his own special way of being kind to her, she turned and smiled as she nodded a hello, “I want you to be my girlfriend.” She smirked, crossing her arms on her chest “What if I say yes, Aomine,” he hadn’t ever been asked anything after a confession, so he drew a blank “Well, um, we can go do-” before he could finish she laughed and cut him off “Don’t hurt yourself, Aho, take me to dinner and we can talk about it.” She winked before turning to walk away.

KISE skipped up to her and confessed his feelings to her, once again. She laughed and patted him on the head. “What happens,” she leaned in close, whispering in his ear “if I say yes, Ryouta?” he choked on his spit, coughing in disbelief, watching her with wide eyes. He calmed himself before speaking again “I’ll make you happy, I swear it!”

KUROKO spoke softly and slowly as he confessed to her, rubbing his neck. “What if I say yes, what will happen then?” He looked up from the ground and smiled before laughing a bit, startling her. “I honestly did not expect to get this far, I apologize for being unprepared.” She couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction, grabbing his hand.

MIDORIMA was a blushing mess. He could barely walk without tripping, let alone get his words out correctly. “Are you asking me on a date, Shin-chan,” she asked him. When he shook his head in embarrassment, denying the fact he had been asking her out, she smiled and rocked back and forth on her feet “what if I say yes, would you be asking me out then?” His face lit up a bit upon hearing her, he then looked away from her gaze and nodded.

MURASAKIBARA didn’t really care about confessions, or love for that matter. So why was he standing in front of this girl, confessing he liked her? Hearing her giggle brought him back to reality. She had her hand in front of her mouth as she laughed. “What if I say yes,” he looked down at her in confusion “would you share your sweets with me, Atsu,” batting her eyelashes at him, he couldn’t contain himself and he nodded. What was she doing to him?