I’ll roast you alive, Darling

It has always bothered me how hard it is to get a female starter in the pokemon games: God knows how many resets it takes for me to find one, as 90% of the time, I try to have all-girl teams. Anyway, this is just a tribute to my lady Charizard that I always kick ass with every time I start a new game on Fire Red.


Maka in a jumpsuit is my new passion, i already knew that she would rock jumpsuits but seeing her wearing one sldkfjdglkhj please draw maka in all of the jumpsuits!! ;u; ♥
And I always wanted to draw fem!Soul in a transparent/velvet-y body with an oversized jacket over her shoulders, short skirt and stockings sdlfkjfdgkjgh
fullfilled both of the things i wanted to draw, even when they are a little messy. ;n;

… maybe I’m just a high-tech VI that thinks it’s Commander Shepard.

(What about Shepard having a breakdown after she meets Ashley on Horizon and their reunion just didn’t went as she hoped for. Ashley regarding her with such distance and mistrust, Shepard starts to mistrust herself. What about Shepard questioning the path she choose. What about her not being sure who she is anymore. Or what…)

Oh… and finally meet my girl… June Shepard.

i’ve decided to make my own female bill design and she turned out more lesbian than i thought. I like the idea of a blinking sweater, sadly it wil be impossible in cosplay .___. off to find my perfect sweater

it was supposed to be just a doodle, ened up with a gif with no shadow.



Fem!Radar: Her brown tail shows she’s a real country (or whatever the ocean equivalent is) seahorse, and she’s definitely a hard worker, even if she is a bit smaller than the others. Having ears like that don’t help either, though they do mean she can hear better than most. In full uniform, with the dots for enlisted ranks. She’s hoping her skin will clear up when she gets a bit older.

Fem!Klinger: With the full body of an orca, Klinger doesn’t need to wear clothes. She does anyway, of course, because it’s against regulations, and she’s hoping to get sent home with a section 8 for thinking she’s a straight-up-fish mermaid like most of the others. Or perhaps for thinking she’s the Queen of the Sea. Either way she’s crazy, and if you don’t believe her, she’s planning to get her fins pierced next time she’s on R&R. Her tail is red and white for the Toledo Mud Hens.

Kellye: Beautiful Nurse Kellye is a Hawaiian mermaid (she’s also half Chinese of course, the ocean is a big place) and she prefers slightly warmer waters than here. She’s a great worker though, and gets her job done well, though she likes to carry a bit of colour with her while she does it. Plus, flowers make her look cute as hell.

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Margaret: Has a khaki tail because she’s military born and bred. Also in uniform (as skimpy as it is) wearing her gold “oaklfeaf”.

Fem!Hawkeye: With a filthy look on her face and a martini in hand, she’s clearly ready for a party. Red tail because Maine mermaids are usually various shades of red, just like the lobsters (plus, Hawkeye’s robe is red, so it suits). The silver band at the top is changeable, and is silver to match her rank. She would have a set of silver bars on, but she’s not exactly in uniform right now (also she may have lost them somewhere a little while back). 

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Recent observation

The only people who force the label of “feminist” on me, intending it as an insult, are radscum and anti feminists.

- Mod D.

in grade 8 people really started to notice that i wasn’t straight and this one guy would always tease me for being gay and acting like a girl soooooo one day he pushed me while i was about to jump in while skipping rope with the girls and said “because that’s what niggas do” and my hands and knees were scrapped up and i had enough of the abuse so i took the two ropes from my friends and went up to him and started to whip him with the skipping ropes and screamed “because that’s what niggas do right?” then i jumped on him while hitting his head repeating and even tho he was fighting back i didn’t feel any pain i was literally going out of my mind at that point and wouldn’t stop bashing his tiny skull so his friends had to get me off of him but after that incident no one really bothered me


Fem!Trapper: Gold tail because reasons (mostly because of Trap’s robe, I couldn’t think of anything Boston specific that fit). Also very much out of uniform and without rank insignia, with a lovely headband (because hats aren’t really needed underwater).

Fem!BJ: BJ is pretty nervous, having just arrived, and she’s still in her Class As, of course. Having the tail of an eel makes her a lot longer than the others, which Hawkeye loves to joke about, of course.

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