Things Feminists Say that Make People Not Want to be Feminists

“Not all feminists!!!” 

You say that, but then you turn around and make fun of people for saying “not all men!”

“You’re either a feminist or you’re against equality.”

That sounds like something a dystopian leader would say to brainwash citizens.

“I want to slap a woman I know for not being a feminist.”

That sounds a lot like violence against women to me. But when has feminism ever cared about woman on woman violence?

“There was a MAN on the bus today with his legs spread apart!!! Oppression!!!!”

If you ask politely, usually guys are nice enough to move and let you have room.

“My teachers would not let me wear my shorts that don’t even cover my butt!!! Patriarchy at its finest!”

If you can’t dress conservatively in a professional environment as a juvenile, you won’t make it very far in the real world.

“If you are a woman who hates _______ character than you have internalized misogyny!!!!”

The only thing that matters in a character is their gender. Personality and character development aren’t excuses. /sarcasm

“Gendered products are a form of oppression!!!”

You can buy the other gender’s product. The police won’t come and haul you off to jail if you’re a woman and you don’t use bic pens “for women.”


Team fortress 2 - me as Medic (fem!)

Last photos with my best team! I remember, when Clover said: “Now girls,scream!”- for like 5 or 7 times ^^ It was very funny,but hard shooting…And yeah,our faces are hilarious xD
Anyway, if you wanna see all photos (with all mates,not only me),they are in my vk group’s album,here is the link http://vk.com/album-61420195_213424861 . I wrote down link to buddies there too and I am gonna upload there last team photos(with BLU),when they’ll be ready!

Photo and retouch: http://la-clover.deviantart.com/


It’s been a few weeks since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Zelda-themed DLC was released. That was a day of rejoicing for Zelda fans, as a Link costume is included in the DLC pack.

If your character in Monster Hunter 4 Unlimited is female, putting on the Link armor will make you look almost exactly like our favorite protagonist, but female. For some fans, actually being able to almost play as female Link is a dream come true.

That’s not all YouTuber NiNTENDOMiNATi0N shows off in this video. We also get a look at the coveted Master Sword weapon. I mean seriously, what Zelda-themed DLC is complete without a Master Sword?

Have you downloaded this DLC pack? What are your thoughts on it? Join the discussion in the comments below.

- See more at: http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/a-look-at-female-link-in-monster-hunter-4-ultimates-zelda-themed-dlc#.VRYM4vnF-UU

thorinbruhkenshield asked:

HMMM KAT. fem bilbo picking up her dwarf gf (or bf, you know what, it would be REALLY CUTE EITHER WAY) and i realize this is VERY SIMILAR TO MY OTHER ASK BUT JUSt. THINK ABOUT IT.

((there waSN’T SUPPOSED TO BE AN ASK BEFORE THIS WAS THERE or were you ah you were referencing this one??))

BC AHHHH YES!!! fem!thorin seeing hobbit women and thinking they’re not nearly as strong as dwarf women with all their soft pudgy curves but then bilbo gets really excited about something and she runs over to pick thorin up and thorin’s just !!!!!! (〃・o・〃)!!!!!! she probably grumbles a little apology about underestimating hobbit lasses and bilbo probably laughs and agrees that ‘ok yes we hobbit women are pretty unassuming but sometimes we have a surprise or two in us!!’ and thorin’s blushing and ‘yes they certainly do…..’ (she’s so in love) 

bagqinshield asked:


YE SSS DJKDSFDF SC REAMS omg thorin just seeing bilbo’s gorgeous long curls and is just itching to braid it cause she never does she just pulls it back when she needs to while they’re on the quest and thorin jUST KNOWS THAT BILBO’S HAIR WOULD LOOK SO GOOD BRAIDED AND DAMN IT IT’D BE SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT FOR HER TO HAVE HER BRAIDS DONE and finally thorin snaps and like gives her no choice thORIN IS GOING TO BRAID BILBO’S HAIR AND SHE SITS HER DOWN AND WORKS ON COMBING THROUGH IT AND BILBO’S JUST LIKE ‘WHY IS THIS HAPPENING’ 

and when thorin is all done bilbo’s so happy she goes around showing off her new braids to the company and thorin is just blushing so much cause bilbo is so happy and she lOOKS SO GODDAMN GORGEOUS thorin is so far gone and she doesn’t even realize it yet !!!!!!!