all I need in life is space wives actually refusing to acknowledge misogyny. 

Loud and proud bisexual Captain Jamie Kirk banging the galaxy because she can and she wants to before she meets Spock and settles down with her.

Spock dominating the science labs and demanding that all her DFAB lab workers be fitted for uniforms with pants because they are working with corrosive chemicals and short skirts will not do in the lab.

Jamie and Spock walking each other down the aisle because they won’t be given away, they’ll give themselves away to each other by their own free will.

Jamie Kirk having a tummy and thighs and not  giving a shit because anyone who comments on it will have their head crushed between them.

Spock applying traditional Vulcan makeup with Bones (who decides he likes it)

virtuedsinners asked:

Zanza grinned, floating down beside the teenager in her dream. He wrapped his hands gently around her throat, "Now, now, little Shulk~.. I'm back from the dead~."

\\ Hands immediately went to her neck as she tried to pry Zanza’s hands off herself, shivering profusely as she heard the familiar voice in her head. “N-no… Please, leave me alone! I thought you were gone!”

Fool them a lot.
  • Aomine:What the fuck, Akashi?! What did you do to Tetsu?!
  • Akashi:Like I said, I made him drink the experiment that Shintaro and I worked so hard. It seems the side effect on it is this...
  • Midorima:I'm not involved to this. Akashi forced Kuroko.
  • Kise:K-Ku-Ku-Kurokocchi!!
  • Kuroko:Please, stay away from me.
  • Everyone:....
  • Kagami:So even the voice changed.
  • Akashi:Well, it's only the appearance and the voice. Nothing actually changed.
  • Kuroko:I do not know all of you but it appears I'm friends with you all.
  • Aomine:He fucking lost his memory as well!!
  • Akashi:No, no, that's impossible. The side effects should only consist two.
  • Midorima:Have you not listen to a word I said? Kuroko turning into a female version of him means everything about him changed.
  • Kise:KUROKOCCHI!!!!
  • Akashi:Though, we have a major problem.
  • Everyone:... what?
  • Akashi:Does any of you know where Tetsuya live?
  • Everyone:....
  • Midorima:I never been to his house nor his street.
  • Aomine:I never got invited over to his place, though.
  • Kagami:Neither do I.
  • Kise:Kurokocchi usually takes trains but after that, he disappear in the darkness.
  • Murasakibara:Kuro-chin is so cute with long hair~
  • Akashi:Even Atsushi, huh? Well then, shall I take Tetsuya with me?
  • Aomine:Hold your evil horses, Akashi.
  • Akashi:... they're not evil.
  • Aomine:What do you mean 'taking Tetsu' with you? Dude, Tetsu should come with me.
  • Akashi:And why is that? I believe I am the caused of this mess. I should be responsible to it.
  • Kagami:He doesn't even like the both of you. I'm his new light and may I add that Kuroko stayed quite often with me in my apartment.
  • Kise:Kurokocchi consider me as his rival though!
  • Aomine, Akashi, Kagami:No one cares!
  • Murasakibara:Kuro-chin likes snacks.
  • Akashi:I believe he only likes vanilla flavored one, Atsushi.
  • Midorima:Would you guys stop and look around for a mere second?
  • Akashi:Why?
  • Midorima:Because Kuroko already left, saying that fooling you all is too boring so he'll shall fool someone else instead.
  • Akashi:Fool?
  • Kagami:Us?
  • Aomine:What the fuck? Did he just...
  • Kise:Kurokocchi is going to flirt with someone else?!
  • Murasakibara:You aren't getting this, Kise-chin...
  • In which Kuroko played a playful prank on them, fooling both Akashi and Midorima as well when they made him drink this liquid they made. Revenge, I guess? Haha.

#21 “imagine finding out your next case with Sam and Dean is going to interfere with a convention in full swing. So you decide to cosplay your favorite fictional character instead of wearing “normal” clothes.”

Submitted by me


Here’s a picture I’m SUUUUUPER proud of! Luffyko being cool and ready to kick some butt. XD I used some different/new coloring styles for this one and I’m loving the improvement. My favorite parts to work on for this one were her face, hair and hat area and her muscles. The bloody, battle version of her was just me playing around, but I liked it so much I decided to toss it up here, too. ^^ I did a gif of this, too, but I’m also posting it separately for better quality and viewing. As ever, I hope you enjoy!


Happy Expo Friday Fans! We had a great time at the POW, and saw a ton of great cosplays!

For our Feature Friday we have one of our favourite cosplays from last years Expo - the Resident Evil Group done by awesome Aerial Ace Cosplay! We highly recommend you check their work out!