the thing is when girls get nudes leaked they get shamed and dragged to hell and back are told “shouldnt have taken the picture in the first place unless they wanted to leaked”, and it can go to a point where they feel suicidal? they literally feel stopping their lives is better than to continue on?? its victim-blaming? they sent that in trust?? like thats super fucked up compared to guys who can get nudes leaked and are able to carry on with out being called a slut because negative names like that dont exist for them there is no male counterpart for a word like “slut” and this is sexism at its finest 

ficlet: The Watchdog

timballisto said:

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but there’s a gif set of orphan black if Paul was actually played by Natalie dormer and Sarah-Beth having to deal with femPaul and I’m just saying. That might be a cool drabble or something

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Hi everyone! This SacAnime was literally THE BEST CON I’VE EVER BEEN TO EVER!!! Omg thank you all for making it so amazing!!!:)

For most of the con I was fem!Wolverine so if you see any pics on the internet of me please share the links and if you’ve taken photos of me please share them with me!!! 

((Also, If you want to post a pic of me on a public page, please inform me then credit me to either my Facebook page ( and/or Deviant Art page (!))

It was so awesome seeing all of you!!!:D 

((Idk what my face is doing, either))