CHECK IT OUT GUYS! Even the Champion of Kirkwall has joined the Cookisition! (Ugh, God damn it… I know guys. I know. Don’t worry. I hate myself for this level of shameless self-promotion.)

On Friday, November 7th, between 10-11am MDT (12-1pm EST / 9-10am PDT) a gigantic bundle of Crave cookies is being delivered to BioWare as a token of DA/BioWare fans appreciation. And there is still plenty of time for you all to get creative and submit your personal thank you messages to the BioWare developers.

EVERYONE (whether you donated or not!!!) is welcome to come and join the Cookisition! Videos, art and text submissions are all acceptable. If tumblr is your thing, no worries! You can also use #Cookisition and share your love for BioWare on Twitter!

PLEASE NOTE: All submissions will be reviewed. Anything containing negative/hostile remarks will not be posted. This site is about love not war, man! Submissions must be in by November 6th at Midnight

Thank you everyone you has contributed thus far and let’s continue to show our love and gratitude to the BioWare devs!

-NerdWorthy Moderator, MissPiggy385

186. All of the fighters have roommates, and they all choose who they want to room with, the girls in particular love this system. Peach and Zelda have been rooming together since Melee and Wii Fit Trainer was invited to be roommates with Samus since they share workout routines. Rosalina and Palutena decided to room together because of their similarities (and also because Peach was already taken much to the sadness of Rosalina). Lucina and the female Robin share a room because they know each other.