somewhere a girl is told that if she doesn’t want to hear a song about rape, don’t listen to it
but it follows her in the supermarket,
the gym,
the girls’ clothing aisle
and now she knows all the words.
—  "say no," national poetry slam finals 2014 (x)

Imagine you and Loki having a mutual crush but neither of you are willing to admit it and the other definitely doesn’t know. Winter comes along and the Avengers decide to spend the week at a ski resort. Late in the afternoon, the last ski run for the night, you and Loki get stuck on the ski lift and end up confessing your feelings to each other. Eventually you both get down and start to return to the main lodge but a surprise blizzard strands you two. By some miracle, you and Loki stumble across an old abandoned cabin and wait out the storm together. There’s a fireplace but Loki also suggests other more creative ways of staying warm.