Colonel Sebastian Moran, Chief of Staff 

closest cosplay, so nothing too extreme. maybe if I do this again I’ll try and do a scar. note: no jems were accidentally stabbed in the making of this cosplay kthxbye

She’s the kind of girl that looks at people like him, but doesn’t do anything beyond looking. He’s seen them before, and usually he pays them about as much attention as he would to a fly across the room.

And yet, for some strange reason, he can’t look away from her. The girl. There’s something off about this, about her, and even though he can’t quite put his finger on it, he’s still fascinated.

Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sebastian Moran/fem!Moriarty
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sexism, assault
Word Count: 2700
Summary: She’s strange and unexpected and brilliant and everything he never knew he wanted. 

Yes, the pun was necessary ;)

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