okay so literally the most important thing in a “hey the doctor’s a girl now” regeneration episode: the villain is hugely sexist

by which i mean

okay, say we’re near the end of the episode, and the doctor’s gotten to the “stop the bad guy” control panel and is flipping switches and all that

and then the villain says something like “as if our grand plan could be stopped by puny womenfolk”

and the doctor just… stops

steps away from the console

and in a very quiet, serious voice responds “‘puny womenfolk’? let me tell you about ‘puny womenfolk’.”

then she promptly rants for at least ten minutes (of actual screentime. yes. really.) about every female companion who has ever been on the show ever and how incredible every single one has been. all of them. going all the way from barbara wright to clara oswin oswald. EVERYONE.

and finally she’s like “my point is — i’m not going to stop you.” she throws her sonic screwdriver to clara. “‘puny womenfolk’ are going to stop you.”

i am in love with nomnomroko's fem!medic!!! i don’t usually draw genderbends, but i absolutely love her design! *v*


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video game meme | seven female characters [1/7]

↳ Miranda Lawson 

"This mission might seem insane, and the odds of survival might be low.. But I will achieve success. Because of this crew, or in spite of it. I’ll follow Shepard’s orders. I’ll follow them into battle, but they’ll have to fight to earn my trust!”


((Finally! ;^; A colored sketch of Masquerade Bella’s outfit.

SURPRISE ~ At the beginning I  thought in a white dress but my beloved westy give me a fantastic idea! Bella with shorts will look awesome , and I like it so much >w< btw she looks mysterious in that drawing , I don’t know why this face D: ))

Love you ask-allistorscot uwu♥

I go to sleep, good night cuties ♥♥♥