ok but like heres the thing, when u guys r trying to combat the idea that conventionally unattractive women r worthless by making posts like “all girls are beautiful! all women are pretty!!” i understand u mean well but u are still just enforcing that women have to be attractive to have worth. by trying to change the definition of beautiful u r not attacking the root of the problem.

the only way to effectively combat the issue is by popularising the idea that women dont have to be beautiful, that women dont owe pretty to anyone and that a woman’s worth is not determined by how well she conforms to femininity and standards of conventional attractiveness 

Even on my graduation day she is working. I brag so much about her, but it’s because she means so much. And can we talk about how beautiful she is?😍

She swept me off my feet.

fem!Romano Goes to the Ball ~ A2F Fall 2014

Not wanting to be Prussia for the Masquerade Ball, I resurrected my fem!Romano cosplay. Later my mom asked me, ‘Well, what makes her Southern Italy?’ I said, ‘A hair-curl, a red headband, and a turtle necklace.’

Makes perfect sense. ;)