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Fuya just got home with his mom after rehearsal. His dad didn’t respond when they called “We’re home!” So they went to check where he was. Turns out he fell asleep before he could change into his pj’s again. Poor Ginga. Musta been a tiring day at work.


There’s to be a great feast tonight. Songs will be sung, tales will be told; and Thorin Oakenshield will pass into legend. 

Teddy Lupin Headcanon, just for you. Cheer up Buttercup :)


. When Teddy is asleep his hair turns the same mousy brown colour of Remus’ hair.

. The first night that Vic and Teddy slept together, Vic woke up in the middle of the night.

. Having only ever seen Teddy with bright, unnatural hair colours she thought there was a stranger in her bed.

. Instead of reaching for her wand or turning on the light she went with her first instinct and punched Teddy in the face.

. The couple spent the next morning trying to explain Teddy’s black eye because he forgot to metamorph it away.


Lets Draw Sherlock - Alternative Professions!

In which Greg Lestrade is a Pro League football player for The Arsenal. I used to play “soccer” as we say in the states when I was a kid. 

I can’t believe I almost forgot to finish / upload this after I worked on the line art all day! So many things prevented me from finishing this project the way I would have liked. I even started the line work for two more pieces for this AU where John is his boisterous teammate and Sherlock is the know-it-all referee. Maybe I’ll do them at a later date when I’m not so swamped with real life and convention planning…

Greg was tough this go around but I hope you like him! I find football player Greg to be quite dashing if I’m honest.


My best friend (Earl Mieko-sama) knows that Hijack is my life so she made me the first drawing for Christmas and then she made me this awesome painting of Merman Jack and Hiccup for my Birthday. <3

[Sorry for the poor quality of the photos took from my phone…]