At first Operation: Rhododendron Skookum was a no-go, first he dropped a deuce, then tried to eat the flower, twice, but we got there eventually! 🌸

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Bucky Barnes has always loved Steve Rogers. He thinks maybe he's loved him since he was born,at least but he knows for a fact that he's loved him since he was fifteen years old. He loved him when he left Brooklyn behind, and he loved him when he fell. He even loved him when he didn't remember who he was. The love he has is etched beneath his skin, written into his bones. And he loves him now, even when he snores like the devil is living inside of him and Bucky can't fucking sleep.



calling her a whore, very classy

  1. She has only ‘went after’ louis????
  2. She was contracted to be with francis and in the process fell in love with him
  3. She was bash’s friend when they got together, she was WITH him because she wanted to protect francis, and in the process loved him

having 3 love interests for one character isn’t normal AT all (note the sarcasm)

Vincent I

I honestly can’t quite place the moment I fell in love with him. Was it when we first kissed and the taste of Jack Daniels, cigarettes and chewing gum blended in the most exquisite way? Was it when he first held my hand and raced me on the same streets I used to walk at young age holding my mother’s hand as she filled my head with endless love fairytales?

I honestly can’t quite place the moment I started to picture him everywhere. I pictured him driving a fast car, with music blasting as I sang along and he made fun of me because I quite frankly can’t sing at all. I pictured him sitting with my family, a warm smile on his face as days got colder outside. I pictured him holding me through my darkest times and encouraging me on the best ones. I pictured him everywhere, and when it all became real, I couldn’t remember how life felt before him.

I honestly can’t quite place the moment I became so fond of his eyes. A simple colour would never be enough to describe the wonders they enclose. Sometimes they resembled the calm before the storm; a cloudy sky and a fretful weather. It was breathtaking, and made me want to look away because I simply didn’t feel worthy of such mysterious beauty. Sometimes they were more like a peaceful pond on a warm summer day, filled with the prettiest reflections the sunlight could ever grant. And sometimes his eyes were the pacific ocean, boisterous and untamed. They would haunt me in my dreams and bewitch me during the day, luring me to drown in them because they spoke a thousand languages and had millions of stories to tell. I’ll never know what swam around in the great depths of his eyes, but whenever I met his gaze it fell like the first time all over again.

I honestly can’t quite place the moment his name started to feel like home,like the only place I felt at peace. I never even knew home wasn’t always four walls, but a cheeky grin, a childish laugh or a long hug. Whenever we went to bed, I would stay awake after he drifted off to sleep and quietly whisper everything I wasn’t brave enough to say when he was listening. And as I felt his heart steadily beat on his chest, I hoped that the next morning he’d wake up and feel loved.
I honestly can’t quite place the moment where everything I saw, touched or did started feeling like it would’ve been better if shared with him. Two years after the time we first kissed I still crave him in the purest form, to wish him goodnight and to be with him when he is at his worst.

I honestly can’t quite place any moment leading up to this day, because he was the first person to ever make me feel this way, leaving nothing but a trail of sloppy kisses, morning coffees and half cigarettes. I can’t quite place any moment leading up to this day because I will never be entirely sure if what I feel is love at its purest form, admiration or a mixture of both.

And maybe I don’t really care about finding out when or why, because it’s all still such a haze and I’m not looking back, only forward into his eager, wanderlust eyes.

[Her Offer, Rejected]

Turbug was not the first one to the clearing this time.

Fell was awaiting him, seated, with her long tail coiled round one side and her head held high. Truth be told, she looked like royalty; and it was clear that she knew it. The sunlight filtering through the trees behind her made her golden scales glitter and shine. A smug grin tugged gently at her reptilian features. But it wavered, slightly, when she realized that Turbug had not returned for their meeting alone.

Ted and Ned emerged from the trees behind their brother, keeping a safe distance back, but present nonetheless. And behind Ted came the hulking golden shape of another mindspeaker–Roil, of course–with his body somewhat hunched and his head somewhat low. The man who called himself his ‘mate’ had one hand on the dragon’s neck, keeping him steady beside and behind him.

By the time they stopped across the clearing from her, Fell’s expression (and her mood) had soured. She lifted herself to a stand, her tail sweeping slowly along the ground behind her. “Apparently I was not clear about my desire for privacy during this meeting,” she said with tense distaste.

“Oh, you were,” Turbug replied, looking even smaller in front of her in his human shape, yet somehow far less timid than before. He folded his arms across his chest, tipping his head to one side. “But I disregarded it.”

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  • Me before watching bh6:Bruh they live in a place called Sanfransokyo I bet there's a lot of weebs living there lmao
  • Me before watching bh6:...the fuck kind of name is "Hiro"... So creative. I bet they named the bad guy "Villain" too.
  • Me after watching bh6:Hiro is my precious cinnamon roll and if you make fun of him I will cUT YOU
  • Me before watching bh6:okay but baymax is cute tho
  • Me after watching bh6:okay but baymax is still cute tho
  • Me before watching bh6:YAY TADASHI!
  • Me after watching bh6:NO TADASHI

I found this cutie in my backyard almost a year ago. He was 13 weeks old and on the brink of death from living alone on the street but he was still so sweet. I immediately fell in love and adopted him. Now, he’s happy, healthy, and my bestest buddy. 


Walsh had a pic of Emma on his desk. OOps.