I’ve finally made my annual Follow Forever, and I don’t know what to say except these are the people that make my dash absolutely fabulous and have made getting online this year that much more enjoyable♥. If you aren’t following these amazing people, you really, really should be…so go remedy that.
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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sebstianstan-deactivated2014030 asked:

omg hi maeve i'll share my sort of crush like there's this kid on my floor who i really really hated and like all the girls think he's really good looking and he's pretentious but like recently i've developed a softer spot for him and kind of see him as less of an asshole but more of someone who's just socially awkward and misunderstood and like my friend teased me about liking him and i had this weird dream....... and now idk bc i hate him though i promise!!!! ew gross

[choir of angels sing] v i c t o r i a

no you don’t hate him you looooovvveeee him you want to go on a lame picnic with him and you want to listen to the brobecks with him and talk about bunnies with him and have kids with him that are all named after me. you DORK he sounds SO CUTE wow i hope you get to look at his face all the time oh man oh man oh man