Quote of the week - 01/09/2014

Feixen    |    http://feixen.ch

Feixen is the graphic design work of Felix Pfäffli. Felix was born in 1986. In 2010 he graduated and started his own studio «Feixen». In the summer of 2011 he was appointed as teacher at the Lucerne School of Graphic Design to teach in the fields of typography, narrative design, and poster design. Since 2013 he is a member of the AGI (Alliance Graphique International).

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Random important post!

I unfollowed a hella lot of inactive blogs, and my dash is looking rather empty. So if you post/reblog any of the following, like/reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog!

The 1975
Imagine Dragons
Arctic Monkeys
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Tbh literally any anime
American Horror Story
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Breakfast Club
Black and White/depressive
cute indie/vintage stuff/style

Um I think that’s about it but y’know yeah

Watch on sweetwildoranges.tumblr.com

Here is my new CAS video. This turned out better than I expected it to, and I really think the SIM is cute. 

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you like the way he looks you can download him HERE (it is only .sim file.) DO NOT use as a base, or change his facial features. If you want, you can tag me so I can see him in your game. Have a lovely day!