“Are you kidding? I feel no pressure. The only thing I feel is happiness to be on the show! Honestly, it would be inappropriate that I’m complaining! In Hollywood, you have so many girls who would love to be me. Just to have the chance to approach Stephen Amell! And… touch him!”   

- Emily Bett Rickards

“I first met Emily on the third episode.. She was supposed to be in one episode! And it was my first… Actually, it was my first opportunity as the lead in a series to try to make a gues star confortable. It’s actually my first real scene where I have lots of dialogues with somebody that wasn’t a core part of our cast. When I did ‘Private Practice’, Amy Brenneman who I had all my scenes with, she went out of her way to make sure before we shot our first scene I was incredibly confortable. We chatted about our family, about our partners…And by the time it came to shoot our scene wich was a very intimate scene I couldn’t have been more at ease. So I remember thinking “Here’s my opportunity with Emily, to really try and make her feel at home, and happy and confortable.” And when we shot that scene, she did first… We shot my coverage first, and when she said my name or did her little things for the first time and I laughed? That was legitimate. Like, I was not expecting it and it just made me crack up, so it’s… Right from the start we’ve always just had a nice, easy time doing scenes together.”

 - Stephen Amell


“Ultimately, Olicity shares an unparalleled passion for justice, life, and each other that makes our hearts — and more importantly, their hearts — happy. We love seeing them together, and we can’t wait for more tension, more stolen touches, and one kick-ass happily ever after.”

- ABCs of Olicity 

Hi Everyone, I love to read stories and I’ve finally taken the next step, which is to write one.  This is my very first fanfic ever.  I love angst, so of course my muse took me there. LOL!

This story takes place after the Arrow Season 2 finale.  My BMFW Challenge prompt was  Olicity: Heater

Like most of you, I’ve fallen in love with the Jessie Ware song “Say You Love Me.”  Let me know if you find the small homage to the song that I inserted into my story.  I’d love to hear back from you. 


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"He could very much care about Sara, but what’s the thing that we know about Sara? She can take care of herself. Part of what Oliver said to Felicity in that episode is that he doesn’t know if he’s willing to open himself up to having feelings for her, if in fact he does, because the danger is so imminent when you’re in close proximity to him…. Him working with her and her working with him is one thing, but a relationship is another." - Stephen Amell.

Can you imagine how hard it’s going to be for him to convince her later that he really does love her…?

His hands are on her shoulders (because duh). “I love you.” 

She blinks at him. “Yes, I love you too. And Digg. Did I mention Digg? Big love for Digg.”

He sighs. “No, Felicity, I really love you.”

She leans over and whispers, “Is this room bugged? Is this a plan I wasn’t part of?”

He shakes his head, frustrated. “No, I really mean it this time. Actually, I meant it the first time. But—”

"Okay, Oliver…" She looks around suspiciously. "I "believe" you." She makes finger quotes and everything.

It’s going to be a long process.