I sat up in bed, pushing my long hair back out of my face. I noticed small pieces of gravel flying at my window, tapping every time. I glanced at the clock quickly.


I groaned, padding over to the window and opening it tiredly.

"Whaddya’ want, Ricky?" I called, waiting for a reply as I leant on the window ledge.
“I want you to come out, C’mon Marty, Please?” He called back.
I peered up and down our dimly lit suburban street, noticing Mr. Rumsfeld sat on his roof with a pair of binoculars.
This was nothing out of the ordinary for him, he was always pretty weird, but something didn’t seen right.
“What’s going on, Rick?” I asked him nervously, scanning the street for anything unusual.
“Come on out and I’ll tell you.” He said. I could practically hear the smirk playing on his lips.
I sighed deeply. Why did I always give into him?
I’d been friends with Ricky Butler for the longest time, and he lived opposite me. Cliché as it sounds, I definitely had a thing for him, although he could never know that.
“Well if my Dad catches us, I’m blaming you.” I told him, raising my eyebrow before disappearing back into my room. We both knew that wasn’t true. I wouldn’t split on him like that. My Dad hated Ricky. I think he thought he was a bad influence, and dragged me into things I shouldn’t be doing.

Too late for that now - I thought to myself as I quickly pulled on some black leggings and a knit sweater with my converse. I slowly slid out of the window and stood on the ledge, closing the latch just enough that I’d be able to get back in.


"What’s the haps?" I asked Ricky as I sat on his porch beside him.
“It’s the creepy neighbours, you know, The Klopeks?” He said, turning to face me.
“What - the Texas Chainsaw Massacre ones?” I asked in disbelief.
He nodded with a grin.
“They’ve killed Weingartner, and he’s buried in their garden!” He blurted excitedly.
I rolled my eyes at his immaturity, groaning slightly.
“C’mon Rick, don’t joke around about stuff like that.” I told him tiredly.
He shook his head, his eyes widening.
“No, I swear Marty! I’m being serious!” He exclaimed. Just as he’d finished speaking, a loud series of rumbles and groans emerged from the Klopeks’ Property.
I jumped, my eyes widening and my heartbeat quickening. I sure hadn’t noticed this before. Ricky laughed at my worried form, but soon realised I was truly freaked out, and pulled me close to him quickly.
“Chill.” He said quietly. “It happens almost every night about this time.”
I nodded, looking up at him slowly.
“Were you serious about.. You know?” I asked, referring back to what he’d said about our Whackjob neighbours.
He nodded, a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.
I swallowed, a worried expression painted on my face.
What If our neighbours really were murderers?
“Look, I’m gonna go have a look across the street, alright?” He explained. I shook my head almost instantly. “Ricky Butler, your the craziest guy I’ve ever met.” I laughed. “But that’s just plain stupid.” I added blankly.
“Martine Anderson, I think your right.” He replied with a grin. “But it’ll be cool, honestly. Wait for me here. I’ll be back in like five minutes, ok?” He said softly.
I nodded slowly, trying to cover my nervousness and worry with joking around. “Don’t get killed, Butler.” I told him with a smirk.
“You’d miss me too much.” Ricky grinned, raising an eyebrow.
I rolled my eyes at his cockiness, knowing he was right but choosing to ignore it.
“I’m not so sure.” I grinned, as he winked at me and ran off across the road.

I paced back and forth, tears threatening to fall from my brown eyes. Ricky still wasn’t back, and it had been almost fifteen minutes now. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at ten, but at fifteen.. Well, this was serious. I raked one hand through my hair, feeling a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind me. I squeaked, turning around quickly to see Ricky Butler standing before me.
“What’s Up, Babe?” He smirked. I instantly began hitting him, muttering curse words under my breath. How could he scare me like that?!
“Hey, Hey!” He said softly, finally catching my wrists. Tears spilled from my eyes slowly, although I didn’t cry. I just fell into Ricky, hugging him tightly.
“Don’t ever do that to me again.” I told him angrily, my voice breaking mid sentence.
I pulled out of the hug, although Ricky’s arms stayed draped around my waist.
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He smirked, leaning in and kissing me. I obviously reached. It would be awkward to leave him hanging, right?
Once we both ended the kiss, the smirk was still on his lips.
“I’ve always had a thing for you.” He stated with an eyebrow raised.
I chuckled at his comment, biting my lip slightly. “I’ve always had a thing for idiots, I guess.” I joked.
He laughed at me. “Don’t be such a dork, Mart.”
And he leant in and kissed me again.

I am going to meet my hero Corey Feldman!!! :D <3

At the end of the month there is a horror movie con called Days of the Dead that is coming to my city and COREY FELDMAN is going to be there. And as you all know I am like the hugest fan of the Feldog. I am soooo excited!! I hope it all works out!! I plan to tell you alll everything! :) This has been a dream of mine and I am just beyond ecstatic that it is coming true. :) I plan to tell you guys everything when I get back. :) Hopefully something doesn’t go wrong and it all works out. I’m hoping for the best. Btw my blog has been telling me it can’t repost anymore. So I am planning on making a new blog all about my love of film. I hope this posted. I miss you all especailly you, the-coreys-are-all-that and throwback-to-1985. Sorry I haven’t made a new blog. I am internetly challenged. :( At the con Dario Argento (Phenomena, Suspiria, Inferno, Deep Red) will also be there and as will Nancy Allen (Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Home Movies, Blow Out, and Robocop) and PJ Soles (Carrie, Halloween, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Private Benjamin, Our Winning Season) and hopefully Cherie Curie (singer of the Runaways) I plan to get their autographs as well. This is going to be one of the best days of my life. ;) I totally can’t wait! Let’s hope something doesn’t go wrong. I plan to report back to ya’lls! And make that new blog! I miss ya’lls so!! =( Wish me the best of luck! He is only my hero after all!! :D <3