anonymous said:

What do you think you did differently yesterday than in the past? Because whatever it was it worked!

Okay there’s actually a few things, and they worked like crazy!😂😱

1. I sold my dress, so I went dress-less. My tc has told me before that my rainbow dress might be too much to look at for a judge esp. on small feis stages and on little five foot me. You could also focus on nothing but my dancing and not rainbows and stripes and suffocating collars lol😂. I also wore no wig👌

2. I decided to stop caring about feis results. As I’ve said before, I had never placed in open, but I’ve recalled at every nationals I’ve been to (2013 & 2014) and at oireachtas. I figured that feisianna just weren’t for me but it’s a requirement at Lynn to do two feisanna a month so I really was just feising for comments and scores. ♥️

3. I changed my goals. For example; my goals used to be to place and that’s it. Yesterday my goal was to get every score for each round at 80 or above (check!) & to get no timing comments in set (check!). 💪

4. I wanted to make every move bigger. Especially in hardshoe, I tried to make every click and kick out as high as possible! And while doing that I tried to stay super sharp and clean. I also made sure my slip jig was graceful and not choppy (common problem for me). 🎉

5. I danced as hard as humanly possible. I literally pushed each round as hard as possible! Every round when I came off I could barely breath. Even though my stamina is not bad, you should be tired if you’ve pushed yourself hard enough.

6. I let myself heal my injuries. I took most of the summer off (I only helped with a few classes, no dancing). Once the fracture healed though, I injured my toe so had to take another break and once I was dancing again, I had to not go on my toes for a bit. I injured my toe the end of July and only started going up on toes in hardshoe again this week! It stills hurts once and a while though (ice ice ice).

7. Last but not least; PRACTICE!! The week before school started we had dance camp (last week of August). It was literally drills and exercises all week (we didn’t do any fills steps until Thursday). So basically just drill every piece of your step until you can’t get it wrong. It works I swear😌.

Sorry this was so long but these were the changes I made leading up to yesterday!!🙌🙌🙌