blog audition, whoop whoop

  • Preferred name: Ensy/Envy
  • Pronouns: She/her/im fine with anything tbh
  • Skype:xinghong_2
  • Age: 18
  • Character: Feferi Peixes

    - Team Signless or Team Condesce?

whaaale, the signless seems reelly nice but the condesce is so cool!!! she’s strong and inspiring, and she gets the job done. HOW—EVER. i dont like how she goes aboat things sometimes and she can act reelly mean…
but i guess…team condesce? 38\

- Who is your most important person?

glub, i can’t pick just ON—E! uhh. uhhmm… can i say all my fronds?

- Would you kill for your beliefs?

oh abshoalutely! if the situation demands it i gotta do what i gotta do! plus, somebuoy might be trying to krill me! and so long as its humane its fine, right? 38)

Feferi is the daughter of Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of Water, Healing, and Love. She inherited her mother’s water manipulation and healing powers. Despite having such godly gifts, most of her time goes into using her water abilities for more entertaining purposes. Of course she still uses her healing for others, humans especially. She admires their strong will and tenacity, but believes they’d do much better with a bit of help. It isn’t necessarily her duty to assist the lesser beings, but she still takes it upon herself to help all those poor unfortunate souls.


Waaaaah, Mitsuki organized and brought us together from different Spain areas to achieve this amazing god tiers groupal. It was a super fun and great experience and I could meet all these amazing cosplayers, and now, my friends uvu
I have to special thanks to Mitsuki for all the effort she made, always helping us with our cosplay troubles and also thanks to Kitsuky, the photographer, who had a bad back and despite everything, he came to make us the photoshoot. Thank you so much.

[Karkat] [Aradia] [Tavros] [Sollux] [Nepeta] [Kanaya] [Terezi] [Vriska] [Equius] [Gamzee] [Eridan] [Feferi]

Photographer: Kitsuky
Pics edited by: Tetra