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Why do you, or really anybody, ship Eruri? I personally don't see it and I don't think Levi x Erwin would happen tbqh

You’re right. Knowing somebody for 6 years (or more?) doesn’t mean anything at all. Saying you trust the other person completely and above everyone doesn’t mean anything at all. 

How could anybody

possibly ship

these two

i mean wow why

it’s so crazy 

zero idea why people would ship this lmao

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also top 5 gale/katniss moments

my children!!!

  1. when they fight side by side in district 8 and they don’t need words because they knew each other so well they can anticipate each other’s movements. and katniss stares at gale’s lips while bombs are dropping. and gale kicks boggs in the face so katniss can get away. and on the way home katniss puts her head in gale’s lap! bye!
  2. “katniss, as your oldest friend, believe me when i say he’s not seeing you as you really are.” and then he kisses her cheek and goes. dreams. goals. everything i love in this world.
  3. after gale is whipped and katniss sits and traces his body with her fingers which leads to “i’m going to stay right here and cause all kinds of trouble” and “gale is mine. i am his. anything else is unthinkable.” top tier.
  4. when katniss comes back from the games the first time and she runs into his arms and she starts crying so hard she gets the hiccups and he doesn’t let go and they just stay like that.
  5. when gale sneaks into her room and touches her neck with a touch as light as moth’s wings. see ya!!

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Oh! Why, look what i found at barnes & noble today! Time for a nice, lighthearted, and  adorable read! :3


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This book has officially curbstomped my heart into fucking oblivion.


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