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meteor squad headcanon; dave spends his time with karkat and terezi and gets off the meteor acting a lot like them. dave who smiles with all his teeth and growls when hes mad. dave who doesnt forget hes human exactly but forgets hes different and is surprised when he gets cut up real bad wrestling with karkat because of thin human skin. thin, pale enough to be gray dave who casually refers to john and jade as something different than him, as the 'kids' or the 'humans'


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What's the lyrics that come after " summer is over " on feels I can never hear it to know the words

here are the lyrics to feels:

Verse I:
I have been soul searching lately.
You don’t come real to me baby.
Lately it’s you who’s been switching up on me like ocean waves under a full moon.
Can’t even look in my eyes.
Always them vs me and mine.
But really you’re wasting my time.
I was about you from 9 until 9
infatuated with killing my vibe.
You called it love,
I called it no trust.
You called it real.
I called it no us.
Funny how worthless.
You made me feel.
I know where my worth is.
But right now,
I only need me.
I only need me.
I only need…

Deep Voice:
Baby girl I wanna drink and waste time.
Either you staying or you not mine.
I want no 9 until 9
I just want to get it, without even trying.

Verse II:
It’s so easy for you to drink away problems.
Head in the clouds tryna smoke your way out it.
It’s like when summer is over you discard all thoughts of me.
Like you don’t remember loving me,
lets reminisce.
You always told me
I was ROD.
Day one, a soulmate, a lover a homie.
When she switch up and start tripping
don’t call me.
Cause I won’t pick up
I won’t pick up
Say I won’t pick up
I won’t pick up.

You only wanna drink.
You adore wasting time.
You’re inhaling these clouds to forget about me (x2)

Bellamy means to go to the bar but he never makes it, because it’s hot and muggy inside the tent and when he finds a convenient place to duck away and get out into the open air, he takes it. He needs it. Holding Clarke for that dance was more than he was really prepared to handle, and the way she fit against him was burned into his skin now, to torture him with knowledge of what it could feel like.

And the lyrics to that goddamn song.

Well I’ve been afraid of changing

‘Cause I built my life around you

But time makes you bolder

Even children get older

And I’m getting older too

He’s wants to kill Stevie Nicks for writing that song, and kill Miller for putting it on his wedding playlist, because does he really need that shit playing while he’s holding Clarke like that? No, he does not, thank you very much.

Well, I did it. I worked this song into the fic. Come hang out with me in hell if you like.