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imgur(.)com/a/BdMB5 smiling for the camera, then .. and i can already see people screaming over the boat pics but look at the the rest and who helped sophia out of it in the last ones .. lol

LMFAO! Thank you for the link, nonnie:)

Where should I start? Let’s see.

1) THEY MADE A WHOLE PHOTOSHOOT of Sophia and her shoes (don’t forget about Liam and Paddy lol). Of course it’s the best place to take pics of Liam Payne-the worldwide-known-boybander!

2) Sophia is a nice girl. She deserves the best. Her man MUST treat her like a princess. And there were attempts.

But then…

And Paddy even held her shoes and purse.

Careful, Liam! Everybody wanna steal your girl:))

Liam is a gentleman. I’m not joking. He knows how to treat the love of his life. Oh, and I’m not talking about Sophia.

3) Miserable hand holding.

Or no hand holding at all.

De ja vu. Does somebody know a proper teacher who can tell them how to do it properly?

4) Should we talk about obvious promo of H&M, Topshop, Zara and VB? (And also this). I think not.

They haven’t changed. Same old Sophiam. Liam thinks so too:)

I hope that after 3 days of “no homo promo”, Liam finally deserved quiet time with his family and his fave boy.

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      The assassin stared at the other, eyes full of curiosity and wonder. What was this person? Why were they staring right at her? Did they want something of hers? Were they here for her life?

Who are you?”

     Sables voice was stern, and clear as she addressed the other. She kept a firm stance, not wanting, nor willing to show any type of weakness until she knew she could trust the other. Trust however, was a rare thing on Pandora, let alone Helios or Elpis.


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One song: The Fallen Angel by Iron Maiden

Two movies: Gladiator, How to train your dragon

Three shows: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Vikings

Four people: My mom, my dad, my sister and my brother

Five foods: Ice cream, pizza, cheese cake, chocolate, french fries

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Bruce had been ignoring people all day, he didn’t like talking to reporters on a normal day. This day was worse, they all wanted to talk to him about his mother. So he snuck away without Alfred or the press knowing, he had somewhere he needed to go.
It didn’t take long for him to get to the ally, and once he was there it didn’t take long for him to be in his knees crying. He may act like an adult but he was still a child when it came down to it. On the inside he was stuck frozen on that night, the pain and sadness never fading.
After a few hours he got up, whispering an apology before turning and the walking away. He couldn’t go home, but he knew a place he could go. So he started to slowly walk to Clarks house, knowing he could stay there until all the reporters had left his house.
When he got there he knocked on Clarks door, hoping it would be Clark and not Martha or Jonathan who answered,


Haim fanfiction - Bad Blood

Taylor Swift waited by an empty set. It was clear she was losing her patience.

A few weeks ago the Haim sisters had come to Taylor and begged to be in her music video, they promised nothing but professionalism and focus. Reluctantly Taylor had agreed and had told them to make their own characters, however now she was regretting her decision.

She was a bit worried when in the post she had received crayon drawing of the three girls accompanied by the pseudo names of, “Arielle Thunderclap, The Truth and Pepe”. However she reminded herself that they were friends and she trusted them.

Alana and Este showed up in full war gear, Este toting a large shotgun. Just as Taylor was about to ask where Danielle was, Este sensed the question and cut her off, “she’s already in position.”
“It’s tru.”

Sighing, Taylor yelled, “Action!” And let the improvised scene play out.

Este towered over the man sprawled out on the ground before pulling out her gun and aiming it at him, “there’s only gonna be seven planets left after I’m done with Uranus.” Alana then appeared behind Este and menacingly whispered, “it’s tru…”

A shot rang out and Este and Alana left, just as Taylor thought it was done she saw Danielle scurry out on all fours and snarl before promptly eating the body.

Taylor yelled, “Cut!” And whilst tentatively smiling at the girls, assured them that it would be in the final cut.

I’m getting my work done but I’m still so unsettled and uneasy. ;_;” I hope this isn’t a sign I’ll be in a depressive low point again. Ugh I can hardly afford that kind downer these days. It doesn’t help that my mother has been weirdly quiet with me these past few days. Like the kind of weird pseudo-silent quiet shortness of discourse sort of talking that happens when a parent is angry with you and you interact with them just expecting an explosion? if that makes any sense. It’s really really stressful to feel like I’m on the cusp of a shitstorm.

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Ngnh… So I’m working all day and could either go to a party tonight of hang out with my boyfriend.
But either thing just fills me with a sense of ‘nope, I really don’t want to do anything’… Like they both sound fun but I just don’t want too. And I feel bad about that…
I dunno, does this happen to other people? Is this a thing?


I want to say that I am really sorry for not being around much of late. For those of you that don’t know I suffer from constant chronic pain and reduced mobility. The last few weeks have been rough with a medication change as I reduce (&withdraw) from one drug and wait (impatiently) for the new drug to build up. I have also realised that I have slipped into quite a dark depression over the last month and am needing to face up to and deal with that. I am overwhelmed by the amount of new followers that have been attracted to my blog in my absence- you guys have restored some self-worth for which I am eternally grateful. I also have to thank my super special cookie, Mary books-and-cookies for getting in touch and making sure that I was okay - eternal gratitude to you too. I did not want this to come off as a pity party, just wanted you all to know that I am still here just finding it difficult to post pics and read dash atm, I am hoping that I am on an upward trajectory now and will try to be a little more present. Thanks for understanding have a great day x