feel free to give me song suggestions

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1)    First kpop song you ever heard: I honestly don’t remember? Maybe Lucifer by Shinee?

2)    First kpop group you liked: p sure it was Big Bang

3)    First ever bias: Daesung

4)    Current bias:  Ravi (VIXX), Tao (Exo) 

5)    Song you know all the words to: maybe Touch My Body by Sistar? I have really bad memory for lyrics, especially in other languages

6)    Favourite girl group: I don’t really have one. I have songs I like from girl groups but haven’t found a girl group that I really like enough from to follow?

7)    Favourite boy group: Vixx, Big Bang, B1A4, Epik High

8)    Favourite solo artist: I don’t think I really listen to any…

9)    Favourite dance: B1A4 “What’s Happening”  and  “Solo Day”, Exo “Call Me Baby”, Vixx “GR8U” “On and On” “Love Equation” and “Voodoo Doll”, Teen Top “Miss Right”, and Sistar “Touch My Body” 
I like stuff with interesting foot work like GR8U and Miss Right a lot

10) First kdrama: I think it was Coffee Prince? I haven’t finished most of the dramas I’ve tried to watch and I don’t understand the appeal?

11) Favourite kdrama: The only one I’ve finished and liked/was able to get invested in was Reply 1994

12) Least favourite kdrama: The ones that weren’t Reply 1994?

13) How long you’ve been a kpop fan: Uuuuh I guess it’s three years now?

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sharkysempai asked:

YO, i dont associate these song with you, but i think you might like A LOT ;DD : The Amplifetes - Blinded By The Moonlight, Fitz And The Tantrums - Out Of My League, Röyksopp - Sordid Affair, Bubblegum Bitch - Marina & The Diamonds, FEMM - Whiplash.

I LOOOVE those songs from Fitz and The Tantrums, Marina and FEMM. I will definitely have to give the others a listen. Thank you for the suggestions!!

What songs do you associate with me/Feel free to rec

I should at least try to post something.

Alright in my time of mental healing I’ve been listening to more music and doing more art!! Maybe I should post some~ I’ll be putting some in my Queue on here and on my Main blog too. But here’s something I just got back to working on.

Is this Tomoe in her past life before becoming a Barian????? Maybe I don’t know yet. But what I do know is that if I do make this her, then her story will be inspired by the story of Rhaplanca in Ar tonelico 2. The Infelious Rhaplanca story to be exact. Oh and because I’m posting this one I might as well add in progress for my other piece too that is a tag on.

The final titles of these will be “Prayers to the Heavens” and “Atonement of the Earth”. They are inspired by the song Infelious Rhaplanca (<-Link there) If anyone could give me some advice or suggestions feel free to hit up my inbox!!