Omg i’m listening to Duet Series 11 and ohgosh they sound so perfect together~ (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

The feeeeels~ I can listen the feels asdfghjk :’)

This OTP will be the death of me and I regret nothing (●´∀`)ノ♡

P,D: Someone here has the translate lyrics of the songs?

Things I need Dean to find out:

1) That in order to get Cas to kill Dean, Naomi had to specifically train him for MONTHS, by forcing Cas to kill THOUSANDS of fake Deans. And that despite all that brainwashing, Cas STILL couldn’t kill Dean.

2) That Cas felt so guilty over how much he hurt Dean, that he specifically went shopping for Dean’s favorite things (including porn and pie). And that Cas nearly strangled an innocent mini-mart worker when he realized they were out of pie…

im JUST processing this

  • cas being hungry and dean cooking for him next season
  • cas having nightmares and dean soothing him
  • cas wearing ANYTHING BUT THE TRENCHCOAT (preferably dean’s clothes)
  • cas taking showers and wet hair
  • cas hurting himself during the hunts and dean tending his wounds
  • cas having headaches and dean tells him its normal and curls up into the bed with him