The difference with The Mark of Athena — other than just the fact that it’s got all of the characters together — is that it’s truly Annabeth’s story. This is a character that we’ve known since The Lightning Thief, but we’ve never been inside her head before. The Mark of Athena is really her story. There’s a lot going on, but at the heart it’s about Annabeth figuring out what her stirrings are, what her mother Athena needs from her, and how she can come to terms with her destiny.
—  Rick Riordan in an EW Interview [x]
NaLu || Natsu's death

Lucy walked happily into the guild. Natsu had been off on a mission for a whole week but today was the day he was coming back. Expecting to see everyone in their usual cheerful moods the blonde frowned seeing the exact opposite. Everyone had their heads down, some where even crying. A few looked up to see Lucy then would cry once again. Lucy’s heart began to beat faster as she started feeling nervous. She could tell something bad ha happened.

Suddenly she felt a hand on he shoulder. She turned to find Gray, even he looked like he had been crying. “Lucy.. It’s Natsu.. He died on the mission.” Lucy froze. Her eyes shooting open as she slowly shook her head and flicked his hand away. “No, that’s impossible. This is a joke right? A joke?” Eza walked up to her and shook her head, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. “It’s the truth Lucy..”

Lucy shook her head stepping away from the two. “No! I won’t believe it! Natsu is coming back!” Sh yelled before running out of the guild. “Natsu is strong.. There’s no way he would die. No way..”