Oh my gosh, I’ve been waiting forever to post this forever! Writing this feeds my giripan trash soul. This fic includes mute!Kiku. Let me tell you, writing a character with no dialogue is HARD.

I should make it clear that this story has no connection to the hospiverse. That’s right… HERACLES IS NOT TERMINALLY ILL. I had to write something where the poor kid lives. Oh, and I might as well mention: This is the fic that took me from “TurGre is my NOTP and I hate Sadiq!” to “Oh god I think I ship TurGre and Sadiq is my favorite.”

Which means, of course, poor Sadiq has quite the journey ahead of him. 


Title: The Quiet One

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairing: Giripan, one-sided!failing!TurGre (sorry)

Summary: Heracles is introverted, thoughtful, and most of all, quiet. But everything around him is loud, including his boyfriend of two years, Sadiq, who he no longer loves. Then, he meets Kiku- a transfer student who lacks the ability to speak, and Heracles realizes just how much he’s missed the quiet.


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I think the reason why we're still ok even we're in the drought is because the timeline really feed our souls with kaylor feels. I can't look at any of those pics the same way anymore, and I'm totally ok with thattt

Lol. I don’t read the story, but if you are talking about our Kaylor hanging out in real life timeline, yes! That keeps me motivated.

life musings/update/?rambling?

All I wanna do is write and create magical things with my words. I love law and I’m definitely in it 100% but I think I’m going to become an English major along with Arabic in my arts degree. International relations is interesting but I don’t love it. I miss my lit class from last year so much, even all the extra reading and endless essays. I didn’t realise until now I don’t have it how much I need to be creative and imaginative and lose myself in words. I don’t particularly care if it’s less practical than IR, because with law and Arabic I’m overdosed on practicality. I need something to feed my soul and if I don’t do something I love now, what hope is there for me down the road?

Killing CRUSH. Hitting all my macros perfectly (I upped the recommended amount of carbs and lowered protein because I really don’t need 200+ grams a day, and higher carbs work much better with my body - that said, I’m still getting in ~2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight a day), and putting everything into my training. I’m even doing all the cardio guys. This shit is cray cray. 

Along those lines, I really love myself right now. It kind of just hit me. I feel amazing inside out. I want to continue to improve myself both mentally and physically, as I will for the rest of my life, but because I love myself, not because I hate myself. I’m doing CRUSH for strength and hypertrophy (essentially to look as badass as I feel) because I love myself. I eat well and buy good food because I love myself. I work hard at uni and simultaneously don’t beat myself up over it because I love myself. It’s still hard for me to pinpoint exactly who I am and what I want, but maybe I don’t need to. I just need to believe I’m worth all the effort I put into myself.

My boyfriend is a fucking cutie (and I know you’re reading this Dan) and I miss him. But he comes back tomorrow night and I am ridiculously excited. I love all my friends at uni but he’s the only person I’m completely comfortable around. However that is probably because he’s also the only person I know who eats as much as I do. (also sweetheart this is a good time to let you know that I expect you to take me on a date in May to go and see Pitch Perfect 2 because I’m so excited that I watched the trailer three times last night)

It’s been nearly two years since I was raped/coerced/emotionally blackmailed into sex/whatever the fuck you want to call it. Sexual assault was brought up in conversation the other day and I didn’t have a panic attack or want to throw up. I think it’s a thing of the past now guys, and I am so freaking proud of myself. To all you survivors out there, it does get better. I love you all.

I am a…little?…stressed about uni work but not really, y’know? Like, I’m confident in my ability to do it and do well, but I have a lot in the next couple of weeks and that’s never pleasant. But I love learning so much, and I always remind myself how privileged I am to be where I am, that it’s not really that much of a chore. The challenge of the work is really exciting and I can see a path for where it will take me and I love that. 

I had this moment of clarity last night where, for the first time, I knew exactly what my dream life would look like in terms of work. I’ve never really had a specific thing to set my heart on before, but I had this vision of me working in law or policy development by day and writing by night. I haven’t done enough of my law degree to know what specific area but it’s a stepping stone. Maybe combined with my language skills something along the lines of immigration law or policy development in the middle east. Who knows. But it’s exciting to have something - even something vague - to visualise at the end of this.

I need to go and write an IR essay now. But I needed to do this first. My thoughts are very bad at controlling themselves inside my head, and sometimes I just need to order them before I can do life. Later guys. xxx

Young Delacroix on the Importance of Solitude in Creative Work and How to Resist Social Distractions

by Maria Popova

“Nourish yourself with grand and austere ideas of beauty that feed the soul… Seek solitude.”

“One can never be alone enough to write,” Susan Sontag lamented in her journal. “People who grow bored in their own company seem to me in danger,” the great Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky admonished the young. And yet despite the vast creative and psychological benefits of boredom, we have grown so afraid of it that we have unlearned — or refused to learn altogether — the essential art of being alone, so very necessary for contemplation and creative work.“

This article from American Cinematographer is 4 pages of amazing. It’s all about Electroma, specifically Daft Punk’s vision behind the movie, what they were going for, and very, very detailed information about filming techniques. It even answers my your glaring questions about the film, like: How are there no reflections in the helmets? How did they manage that crazy whiteroom scene?

Some memorable quotes:

  • “de Homem-Christo found he felt more comfortable in the background, where he could pay more attention to the framing and acting…” I like to think after reading this that Guy really brought out the emotion in that bathroom scene, which makes my heart melt into a puddle every time I watch it.
  • “We just wanted to make something experimental and weird” - Guy
  • “We wanted each scene to take you through the emotionally distinct phases of the story” - Thomas
  • Electroma is really slow and meditative, more like a painting than an actual movie” - Guy

[Download pdf]