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I keep seeing a reference to Boris, on this blog and a couple others. Comments like "then, there is Boris," "Boris is gonna find her," "She needs to tame Boris, first," etc., etc. Is this a guy she dated, or wants to date, an imaginary lover or what? And was this before or after Fedor, and does he pose a threat to Maksyl? I am kinda new with this shipping of Maks and Meryl and am not familiar with all the characters yet. TIA!

Welcome to the ship first of all. And do not fear, Boris is our friend. It is the name we’ve given to Maks’ you-know-whatsy. He is a friend of ours and a rather good friend of Meryl’s. Do not worry.

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Roy Nelson, Has There Ever Been a Heavyweight GOAT?

If one was to ponder on the greatest MMA heavyweight of all time would be, what would they come up with? Fedor Emelianenko will be on the tip of most Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts tongues. However such is not the case with number 9 ranked UFC heavyweight Roy “Big Country” Nelson (20-9) who …

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It's correct that Meryl is with Maks, but she's also with Fedor. Maks is also with Devin. It's an open relationship love quadrangle with JLo orbiting as a satellite. Everybody wins so you should be happy (except Chaks shippers, that was a showmance).

Poor Chaks shippers

Soy un soñador. Hay en mí tan poca vida real, los momentos como éste, como el de ahora, son para mí tan raros que me es imposible no repetirlos en mis sueños. Voy a soñar con usted toda la noche, toda la semana, todo el año.
—   Noches Blancas. Dostoievski.