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Could harry and Louis be any more opposite in Another ?! Harry gives life while louis takes life !! Idk but I love it

when are you going to update another? no rush im just asking :)

thank you very much! :) in the end things will be a lot different!
i’ll update in february, after exams :)


James Franco Schedule (starting July 2013)
  • July 2nd:Book Signing at Pace Gallery in London, England.
  • July 10th:"Lovelace" gala premiere at the East End Film Festival.
  • August:Filming of James' Comedy Central Roast in Los Angelos.
  • August 9th:"Lovelace" released in limited theaters.
  • August 11th:Teen Choice Awards in California will occur and air (on Fox) with James in attendance.
  • August 15th:Production of "Everything Will Be Fine" in Montreal, Canada will be begin.
  • September 2nd:James' Comedy Central Roast will air (with his film Francophrenia airing afterwards).
  • September 17th & 24th:James will guest star 2 episodes of The Mindy Project, including the season premiere.
  • October:Production of "The Interview" in Vancouver, Canada will begin.
  • October 15th:James' novel "Actors Anonymous" comes out.
  • November 27th:"Homefront" is released in theaters in the USA.
Larry: February 2014

(im sure im missing loads whatevr, these are the basics of what i have reblogged this month. i don’t own the original pictures. and also remember that racism is disgusting bc why the fuck not think about that sometimes)


Louis went back to fetus

both of them went missing and they were allegedly in jamaica. who knows but harry came back all glowing and pregnant. 

After valentines day harry wore like tons of different headbands. *cough* gift from louis *cough*

oh and apparently harry’s not homeless anymore

yeah and before the brits louis did some instagramming and yeah harry’s naked and not homeless.

louis and these shoes got together and decided to go for it

idk even know what the hell this was, but there was some louis-freaking-out-turning-fondymcfond too

Harry did some exercise

yeah and this shit on the same night

and thiiiisssss

idk when this happened but it fucking happened is that my drool on the floor?

these came out of fucking nowhere

Harry got new tattoos and there was something with the heart and their heights and something

oh and i wanted to rip my eyes out

this shit ended event though it never- who the fuck cares

i don’t even know where these came from but they appeared ok

Harry got a new ring im not gonna say more bc i might get a little obsessive 

this happened in mexico


and also louis played soccer a lot and debuted for DRFC

(harry was papped in LA of course)

Yeah Louis def went back to fetus. look at that haaaairrr. and those legs

Im gonna finish with this. 


This year has flown by so fast!! I wanted to do a nice thank you gift, so I’m offering two different coupons for my online shop from now until December 25th, as well as discounted a few items in my store:

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DCRP Activity Check (2/1 - 2/14)

(All you have to do is like the post (which counts as a check in or you can do it just once with a single note saying all your characters here if it’s easier), then from there I’ll look at the notes and cross off your name which means that you’re accounted for. At the end of two weeks, whichever names are not crossed off will be reopened.)

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and also because you love this lil cactus even though /it/ can be super weird and annoying sometimes. omg you're so perf like you never mind when I fangirl over OUAT, Gosh, Snowing, Lana, boobs, Jayma, Wemma. YOU STILL LISTEN TO MY FANGIRLING and omg I am so grateful. I love you so much ok.

i love your fangirling like really i listen to every word ok 

you’re flawless kthxbye

Betwixt Opens Reading Period for Speculative Fiction Stories - Pays up to $225/story

Betwixt, a speculative fiction magazine that debuted its first issue in 2013, has opened its next reading period (now until February 28th) to receive submissions for a forthcoming issue. Issue #6 (Winter 2015) was recently released.

During this time Editor Joy Crelin will accept sci-fi, fantasy, the weird, and all sub-genres of spec fiction. She recommends a word length of 4K to 7K words.

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