Introducing open revenue sharing

AKA: You can soon help pay its bills

Since October 2013, has let developers sell their content without taking any of the money. It was originally disabled for the Ludum Dare October Challenge, which challenges people to build a game, take it to market, and sell it.

At the time I decided to keep’s fee off indefinitely since the cost of hosting the site was manageable, and it was really encouraging to sellers. Fast forward to today and things have grown quite a bit. Recently many have been asking about when will start making money. They want to see the marketplace they enjoy have a sustainable business model so they can continue to use it for the foreseeable future.

I’m really inspired by the community that has formed around It’s a generous group giving money to creators to support their work. I want to encourage this kind of community from every angle, and I decided that how I handle the fee would be the perfect opportunity to do that. has always been pay-what-you-want for buyers, it will soon be pay-what-you-want for sellers. I’m calling it open revenue sharing.

I’ve written a separate post on the site, What is, talking about what’s goals are along with introducing the idea. If you also believe that is doing something good here then I highly encourage you to share and spread the post.

So what is open revenue sharing?

As the seller you decide what percentage gets from each transaction. From 0 to 100%, set the slider to what you think is fair. A quote from the post I linked above:

You might be saying “well that sounds pretty risky, what if everyone sets it to 0?” We think that’s a risk we’re willing to take in the spirit of encouraging the generous and supportive community that’s already developed around

You’ll find these new revenue share options on the seller settings tab in your account settings page. Because I don’t want to just start collecting money with no notice, the revenue sharing will not be active until March 23rd, 2015 but you can configure the percentage that will be applied to your account now.’s default rate will be 10%. If you don’t make any changes to your account then it will automatically be set to 10%. 10% is far below the industry standard, 30%, which you’ll see on places like Apple App Store, Google Play or Steam. If you don’t think the default is fair, either too low or too high, I encourage you to change it!

I hope you consider everything has been doing over the past two years when choosing the revenue split. is an evolving project that has taken thousands of hours to develop. If you believe this is a project that should succeed then reflect that in the amount you choose. The money earned will be put directly back into the site to continue providing the tools you need to sell and market your content.

Don’t forget to check out the What is post I mentioned above.

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by CrimsonSox

A friend of mine likes to say that clothing in magazines only looks good because of how handsome the models are.  But one glance at Taron Egerton’s transformation from slob to spy  in the Kingsman testifies to the power of style.  

It might be thought that putting on any suit would have the same effect, but not all suits are so well-cut and fitted.  Just compare Colin Firth’s suit with the ones worn by these politicians. Their jackets fall straight down, giving a boxy and bulky look even to the President, who was fit.  

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Skittlr will be adding instant messaging during our weekly scheduled maintenance Tuesday evening!

We will release an update that will allow you to chat within your friend group and in chat rooms. You can also hide the chat, block, and report users.

Have fun!

Finding Purpose Through Revolution

By Ama Amoafo-Yeboah ‘15

On Monday, February 23, 2015 my purpose in life was confirmed. That day, Dr. Angela Davis came to USC for a speaking engagement.

All my life, I never thought of myself as an activist and I never imagined myself speaking out and taking action on the issues that I stand up for today. When I was younger I thought that over time everything would get better and that someone would make a change like the individuals that fought during the Civil Rights Movement.

Back then, I knew when things made me uncomfortable and I just wanted to get away from them. There were times that I felt discriminated against in my high school career and I knew that I would be subject to the same discrimination if I attended USC because I would be going to school with many of the same people.

So, my solution was to get away, to go to a Historically Black University (HBCU) so that I could be around people that understood me and wouldn’t discriminate against me.

Clearly, that is not what I did.

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Jam hosting open for everyone

Since launched a host your own game jam service last year over 3000 games have been uploaded for game jams. Previously, in order to host a jam, you had to send a message to admins to get your jam approved. Starting now anyone can create a jam an publish it as soon as they’re ready.

Here are some jam features you may have missed:

Browse some jams on


The Faulty Tabula Rasa: Marianne Faithfull, Feminine Erasure & The State of Being

The Faulty Tabula Rasa: Marianne Faithfull, Feminine Erasure & The State of Being

I am extremely remiss over the amount of time I regarded Marianne Faithfull solely in terms of her adjacency to Mick Jagger. I rarely thought of Marianne the pop star, Marianne the actress, Marianne the drug addict, Marianne the human, only Marianne on the arm of the front man, Marianne in bed with the front man. I thought of Marianne mostly in terms of beauty – one beautiful person attached to…

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by S. Charlie Weyman

Some things we buy for style, some for practicality, and some for both. Like scarves and umbrellas, a good pair of gloves not only accessorizes, but also weatherizes. Choosing the right pair therefore involves a bit of art and a bit of science.

Fit: Gloves used to be made in quarter sizes to ensure a tight fit. This was the era that produced the phrase “fits like a glove.” You’d be lucky to find a fit that good today. But to figure out your best size, measure the circumference of your palm around the widest point (usually at the knuckles). This number in inches is your size.

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CVLT Nation Streaming: STRANGEWEATHER s/t LP

STRANGEWEATHER’s self-tilted album that is coming out on 1859 records is PERFECT! How would I describe their sound? They sound like no other band, and create the kind of songs that are meant to wake up humanity. When I hear this band, I think to myself, if the world was turned on to music…

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Song of Herself: Taylor Swift & Multitudes

Song of Herself: Taylor Swift & Multitudes

Taylor Swift is tall. She is Gumby-like in stature, a red-lipped air puppet, a continuous colt legged runway walk. Nearly 6’ & always in heels. I know she’s always been tall but 1989 Taylor takes up space. She’s an intense loom & tower, the highest peak in every room. She stood on a horse in the “Blank Space” video. When I look at 1989Taylor I see space, I see a smattering of constellations in…

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Miscellaneous things to make your day better

Hidden uploads

If you’ve ever wanted to upload a file when you’re not quite ready to release it, or maybe hide an old file when you’re not quite ready to delete it, you now can with the new “Hide this file” option. All uploads can be optionally hidden.

New aggregate earnings by month graph

There’s a new graph on the recently released aggregated earnings page that summarizes your earnings by month for all of your content. You can find tabs to navigate between the graphs right above where the old graph was.

You can now browse sales, and filter bundles/sales by their goal

If you’ve been to /bundles recently you may have some new tools on the top of the page to browse regular sales. Also, you can filter either page by a goals.

Updated design

All of the branded pages have been updated with a new unified header. In the past you may have noticed some pages looked a lot different than others, well now things are a lot more consistent. Links in the header should be where you expect no matter what page you are on. Here’s what the developer’s portal looks like now:

Faster payouts

If you’be been using’s new collect and distribute payout model then you may have noticed it can take quite a few days before you money is actually transferred. Luckily, the system has been upgraded to be mostly automated. Payouts should be arriving in you account a lot faster!

Want to follow all the changes in’s development?

Follow us on Twitter: @itchio

Check out the changelog:


Letters to a Satanist: Does Satanism fuel immorality?

For a while now, I’ve been following with interest Lucien Greaves’ column for the Orlando Weekly, Letters to a Satanist, where Mr. Greaves, spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, answers the OW’s reader questions in an intelligent and enlightened way. I struck me that our readers…

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It’s The Zombie Apocalypse, What Video Game Weapons Would You Use? Here’s What We Think

We’ve seen it on the big screen with movies like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later, and we’ve played it on our consoles with games like Resident Evil and Dying Light. However, we haven’t lived it. Yet.

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