Day to Night in New York City

Photographer Stephen Wilkes aims to capture stunning cityscape’s and landmark sites’ transition from day to night in a single photograph. He creates a 2-D version of a time-lapse video by taking images for at least 10 hours. Wilkes then combines 30 to 50 photographs to create the ideal gradient. 

Below, we have compiled our favorite NYC shots. The results are stunning and ephemeral. We have seen thousands of photographs of Central Park and Times Square, but a few convey the concept of time and its natural effects on the majestic scenery.  


Say what DUBS? Eirtakon 2015 Cosplay Guest

Say what DUBS? Eirtakon 2015 Cosplay Guest


Eirtakon is proud to welcome NipahDUBS as our cosplay guest for Eirtakon 2015. Nipah is an extremely prolific cosplay artist who’s been active in the community since 2010. In the past five years he has made over forty complete cosplays  from a wide variety of fandoms, as well as several commissioned pieces for other cosplayers. As well as cosplay, Nipah is also engaged in the vocaloid and…

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Ogre Shot Dead In Upstate Bloodbath

Parents of socialite Barbara Kean slain by homicidal maniac in gruesome killing spree.

Detective James Gordon vowed to stop serial killer Jason Lennon when the mass murderer known as “the Ogre” kidnapped his ex-fiance, Barbara Kean.

With the clock ticking, the trail led to a grisly scene in a lavish, upstate mansion belonging to Ms. Kean’s parents. There, Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock discovered the dead bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Kean. Both their throats had been cut by the Ogre, who is also responsible for the torture and murder of at least 13 women.

Just as the Ogre was about to cut Ms. Kean’s throat, Detective Bullock managed to shoot and kill the murderer, ending the nightmare for the well-known socialite and art dealer, who had been kidnapped by Lennon several days earlier.

“You don’t believe I love you,” Ms. Kean recalls Lennon telling her. “You still think I’m crazy. That’s fine. Throughout history, people have called some men mad while others called them prophets. Because those men see things others can’t. I see the truth.”