Tumblr Magazine Issue #42 * March-April 2015 * Squad Issue * ON THE COVER: ANDRE MANGUBA, Denice Magbanua & JL Javier

At age 16, he can already raw sketch some of the most famous faces through his sketches like an HP scanner scans your photographs and turn it to a jpeg file. Andre Manguba is unstoppable and we’re more than excited to see how his skills will evolve and find out what more can he offer. Andre is handed all the time and chances this world has to offer. In this exclusive feature for our Squad Issue, we’ll get to know more about Andre Manguba, the young lad who’s leaving us at awe with his every piece of sheet. 

(check out his previous interview for Tumblr Mag here)


Hi Andre! We’ve featured you just recently and here you are as our main feature for the month. We’ve already asked the basic questions about you, so I’ll start by asking, what is your ambition? What are Andre Manguba’s future plans?

My ambition is to be an architect and a world-renowned artist. I want to continue my passion for the arts and broaden it. One of my future plans which I think will help me achieve my ambition is taking up PreCollege in San Francisco Art Institute this June. If things come my way, I’d also want to take up architecture in Yale University.

You are one of our youngest cover and we’re thrilled to have you. It’s crazy what you’re capable of at a young age. You still have a lot and want to learn for sure.

Thanks so much! Definitely. I need to learn proper time management. It is one thing that I struggle so much with when drawing. I feel like I draw too slow and that frustrates me and affects the way I draw. There are also those times when I draw and I get unaware of what time of the day/night it is. As a result, I tend to overwork and lose time for other stuff. I still have to work on those and make sure I still get to produce drawings I am satisfied with.

You have a beautiful family. How supportive are they with the path you’re taking right now?

My mom and dad have been very supportive of my talent since then. Basically ever since I first held a pencil. Even my siblings, they support me in such a way that they critique my works and give suggestions which help a lot. My drawings also get recognized by more people, thanks to my family’s various connections. Last year, my work got featured in newspapers for the Independence Day issue. My parents showed my drawing to an artist who collects artworks and was amazed. He then forwarded my work to his friends in the media and then it happened; I got featured in various newspapers which was an important moment for me. This wouldn’t have happened if not for my parents’ support. My family would always encourage me to share my talent to the world and I feel blessed to have such supportive parents and siblings.

Other skills you would love to give a try?

I’m certainly not the sportiest person you’ll meet, but if given the time, I would like to go back to swimming and probably learn frisbee and archery. Being a part of a musically inclined family, I’d also want to acquire skills in playing the violin and the drums. 

Basically, what tools are you using with your sketches?

I use Faber Castell and Derwent colored pencils. For the paper, canson drawing paper or watercolor paper works best for me. I also use tools like cotton buds and a kneadable eraser. 

From your past artworks, who was the hardest one to draw?

I would say my tribute drawing to Robin Williams was the most difficult one to draw. In that piece, I drew five different characters which Robin Williams portrayed, each drawn with a different color theme. It was difficult in a sense that the whole drawing had so many details, considering that I drew five faces and the size of the paper I used. It took me about one week to finish the piece.

What was the best piece of advice you got from someone?

Most likely, the best advice I got was to know that there are no bad situations, only opportunities. I should take a look at the obstacles in my life and ask myself how this is an opportunity for me to grow as a better person. This advice may not be related to art, but it is for sure something that I can apply everyday.

Couple more years from now you’ll read this interview again and see if thing have changed with you and how you view art. At 16, how do you define art?

As a 16 yr old, I would simply define art as being able to create, see, and convey unique perspectives and imagination. Personally, it is a way to break loose and dive in a world where I can freely express myself. Art is very diverse, with fields such as drawing, painting, music, dance, etc. What’s really special about it is that art allows people to connect with one another despite our differences.

Best and worst thing about being a teenager.

The worst thing about being a teenager is that people probably take us less seriously. I think this is already given especially when you are the youngest in the family, like me. People can perceive us as trouble makers, somehow senseless and irrational being which is obviously, not always true. On the other hand, the best thing about being a teenager is knowing that we can change the world. As cliche as it sounds, it actually is true. Teens nowadays are visionary and have fresh ideas. And with the increased technology we have, I believe we can literally create anything. Teens also make mistakes in life but we learn from them so we could avoid screwing up again. We teenagers are also able to plan our lives ahead before stepping to the real world. On a lighter note, we get to enjoy the free time we have, not to mention play video games and hang out with friends and family. Without a doubt, there are more great things than bad about being a teenager.

Your message to all aspiring young artists, in and out of Tumblr.

Never stop exploring your talent. Being self-taught allowed me to discover my preferred art style and learn new techniques. Try experimenting with different media like paint, pencils, pastels, etc. Also, it’s okay to fail. We learn more lessons from our failures. It’s going to be difficult but it makes you more eager to do a better job next time. Always try to surpass yourself through your artworks, too. Most importantly, enjoy!

Coach 2015 Spring/Summer Editorial 

Coach has brought it’s NYC aesthetic again in its SS15 collection in an editorial that features Chef Thomas Lim, Photographer Benjamin Heath and Restauranteur Nick Mathers.

The pieces themselves are consistent to the brand’s versatile and durable classic look that can be adapted to suit any man’s style. From punk edge to clean cut, the collection is all you’ll need it seems. 

Featured in the lookbooks are Thomas Lim, a self-proclaimed “burger purveryor” and chef of LA’s Goldies; Benjamin Heath, a LA and NYC-based photographer; as well as Nick Mathers, a restaurateur with eateries in both NYC and LA. 

These three urban men set the stage for Coach’s lookbook, each defining their own style and voice with key pieces from the 2015 spring/summer collection.

Above is the Motorcycle Leather Jacket. Below is the Waxed Nylon Aviator Jacket.

Below is the Coach Parker

Below is the Suede Jean Jacket in Ash.

Below is the Bleaker Leather Racer

25 Godly Dating Tips

(That I learned from every woman, young lady, and girl that I have ever encountered) Brace yourselves.

  1. If God isn’t at the center, the relationship needs to be reevaluated
  2. Dating to rival your friends is both self-serving and time wasting. 
  3. It is fine to seek attractiveness, just don’t put it before character.
  4. Guys ≠ men, men ≠ gentlemen; stop expecting one to be the other.
  5. Genuine relationships don’t start with sex. Remember that.
  6. Set some boundaries for yourself and whomever you’re with.
  7. Find a godly wife/husband/couple and ask them all the questions.
  8. Your spouse/significant other is not your life. He/she is a part of it.
  9. The Bible answers almost, if not every, relationship question ever. 
  10. Don’t allow people to give their two cents about your relationship.

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  1. Your looks take nothing from the fact that you’re wonderfully made.
  2. A sound mind leads to a sound and healthy body
  3. God looks at the inside 100% of the time.
  4. Embracing your true features is just as amazing as adding some pizazz
  5. Smiling just looks and feels better, do it often.
  6. Healthy skin begins and ends with water. Drink irresponsibly lol
  7. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Jesus was always on fleek!!
  8. Your mindset translates outwardly and inwardly.
  9. If you live off a man’s compliments, you’ll die from his criticisms.
  10. Nutrition matters. Garbage in, garbage out. 

And then some…

I have been awaiting TrueGrace’s post this entire week. She is my mentor, but I don’t know, I kind of felt like this week’s post was for me. And indeed, it was! It was about beauty, something that many of us struggle with daily. Interestingly enough, I have been breaking out and my skin has looked more disgusting than usual. I was inspired by her post to come up with the list for today. Beauty magazines portray images of people who don’t exist. Let me repeat that, beauty magazines portray images of people who don’t exist. When you compare yourself to J. Lo or Beyonce on the cover a magazine, you are comparing yourself to a figment of someone’s imagination. 

God has created you in His own special way for your own special purpose. Isn’t that beautiful? God knows why he created you the way he did, and therefore, you should be content in knowing that a perfect God made you - a living, breathing, beautiful you! I know it is hard sometimes to accept this, especially as females. Guys fawn over young women who reveal themselves solely to get attention or wear makeup solely to get attention. Instead of envying these women, pray for them. Perhaps they are struggling with what you are struggling with and comparing themselves to someone else. Just pray for them and also pray for the guys to exude self control and discipline. 

Tonight I would like to say this prayer: Dear God, Thank you for making me the way I am. I am so grateful for my flaws, all one million of them, but I am more grateful for your grace, abundant and pure. Please allow me to be content in your plans for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  • Racism
  • Devil:I did that.
  • Sexism
  • Devil:I did that.
  • Inequality
  • Devil:I did that.
  • Hatred
  • Devi:I did that.
  • Pride
  • Devil:I did that.
  • Fornication
  • Devil:I did that.
  • Disobedience
  • Devil:I did that.
  • Pain
  • Devil:I did that.
  • Saving humanity from all of the above
  • Jesus:I did that, and I'd do it again.

NEPAL, Namche Bazar : A Nepalese porter carries a load of butchered beef to be delivered at local lodge during wet snow precipitation as he walks high above the north eastern Nepalese town of Namche Bazar on April 17, 2015.         AFP PHOTO/Roberto SCHMIDT