Week of February 23

3rd feature of the @Pixel_Dailies Twitter community. If you haven’t heard about it yet, they announce a new theme every day and awesome pixel art pours in.

There can be anywhere from five to thirty submissions a day so these are my very subjective favorites.

As always, I take great care to format things for the Tumblr dashboard (540px width). It’s mostly just extending the background, but sometimes I make very subtle adjustements to fit into the format. I hope you’ll find these in good taste.

Every image includes the author’s name and @username so give people a follow if you like their work. This time I finally feature a different artist for every day so that makes me happy. The community really shines with its diversity.

If you don’t yet, follow @Pixel_Dailies! They’re retweeting the entries as they come in and it makes for a great stream of pixels any time you log into Twitter.

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I threw a temper tantrum last night. Screaming, hitting, yelling, crying, everything. I could’ve competed with a terrible-two’s two year old. 

It was a rough day. I had been awake and going since 5am. I didn’t do so hot in my workout that morning and then I was headed to work all day. But, I treated myself to a venti mocha from Starbucks and was so ready and determined to have a great day!

And then he walked into the restaurant and following him was his fiancé. I knew that this day might come but hoped and prayed that he would have the common decency not to come to my restaurant. He was the one that I was supposed to marry last August. He was the one who shattered my heart a year ago. He left me in February, started dating her in October, and they got engaged on New Year’s Eve with a wedding to plan for 2015. That’s the short version. :)

While I am upset that they chose my restaurant to eat at when there are at least seven other restaurants within a two block radius, I’m more upset with myself. I’m upset because I should be better than this. I should have had the strength to serve them with a smile and love the poop out of them like the amazing Christian woman that I should be. I should have love flowing out of my fingertips and sparks of grace flying out from every step I take. I should be over it by now. I should be happy for them. I shouldn’t be angry or upset or so affected by seeing them today. I should have done better in my workout this morning. I should have been a better person so that he would have stayed with me. I should have, I should have, I should have.

But I didn’t. I didn’t do any of those things. And I didn’t have nice words come out of my mouth or a pleasant look on my face for most of the day. I didn’t handle it very well, in my own opinion. I had a coworker take their table and I sulked around for the majority of the day. And then I threw a pretty big temper tantrum that started in the parking lot after work and ended when I needed to breathe while brushing my teeth at home. I yelled. A lot. I yelled at God.  I said, "GOD, I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!". And it was then that God whispered, “You CAN do this. You can do anything with Me. I’m not going anywhere. I will use this. I see you. I hear you.”.  

Even when I feel so silly and so incredibly frustrated for crying over this for the millionth time, God is so patient with me. He is so faithful, so patient, so kind, so loving, so the opposite of me. Even though I didn’t gracefully and lovingly serve my literal enemies, God still loves me. God will still use me and He will still be faithful. And that’s what grace is. 

After a night of laying it all out on the table and yelling and screaming and being honest with Him, I woke up this morning and it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Today was a better day. I’m so thankful for God and for His love for me and His patience with me. God, you are the bomb diggity. 

- 31Women (Emma)

A$AP Rocky Fashion Appreciation

A lot of people might hate on rappers getting involved with fashion. Case and point - Kanye West and the trouble they get when it comes to his Yeezy line with Adidas. 

Im the opposite. I look at it in the sense of how they’re inspiring millions of people with their foresight into something they love. 

So below, is an archive of some of A$AP Rocky’s looks over the years that I’ve grown to love and use as inspiration for the way I dress too. 

Team spirit - Flocko is donning a baseball inspired jersey and charcoal denim jeans. 

An all black look is something Rocky is spotted in quite often as you can tell from his performance with fellow entertainer, Rihanna. 

He isn’t just about Raf Simmons and all the brands he’s rapping about in his songs. Here you can see him sporting Balenciaga with the late A$AP Yams. 

No words are needed for the below. The Warhol Vans are killer. 

Timbs on the feet, make his cypher’s complete. 

Straight up - this is A$AP to a tee. “Who the jiggy nigga with the gold links?”

This outfit, is straight amazing - keeping it fresh with the Blackhawks jersey. 

Coming Soon: Ways to Wow

As cat lovers, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest ways to wow our favorite felines, and we want you to know some of our favorites.

We’re partnering with bloggers like fellow cat-lover and wow-expert Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess as we share some our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to bowling over your cat. Whether it’s a delightful DIY project, or a delicious dish of her favorite Broths with Chicken, we have some suggestions that will be sure to… well, wow!

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A$AP Rocky for Complex

In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, A$AP Rocky opens up about fashion and hip hop. 

How has your sense of style evolved since your first mixtape? 
Things that I could never afford, people see me in more often now, ’cause I got the financials to go purchase them. [My style] definitely matured. There’s a lot of things that I used to wear that I don’t wear anymore, and there’s a lot of things that I wore before that I’m in love with now, or things that I wore a long time ago that I brought back out.

You’re no stranger to Raf Simons and Rick Owens. What do their collaborations with adidas say about the intersection between fashion, sneakers, and street culture?
It’s dope as fuck, you know. It’s making adidas look strong. There aren’t too many highly respected designers in the high-end world that other athletic name brands can do a collaboration with. This is amazing: All of my favorite designers are doing an adidas sneaker. Who would’ve ever thought that Rick Owens would do an adidas sneaker, or Raf? It’s crazy.

Read the full interview at Complex

Cosplayer: QuatumDestiny
Wig style and color used in photo:Inigo & Curly Clip in Raven 052
Photo by Glay 

Q:  What is your favorite part of the costume-making process?
A:  I really like the act of buying everything. Sourcing out new materials and having them arrive in the mail is always pleasing, especially if the fabric or shoes are exactly want I wanted. When it comes to actual construction, my favourite part is when something goes right the FIRST time. I’m constantly re-making things though, so buying wigs and things is the most thrilling part X’D.

This week we interviewed wig-savvy customer QuantumDestiny! Check the full interview here!