[140919] Harper’s Bazaar Charity Evening; Wu Yifan Graces The Red Carpet

Following the press conference of, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know,’ Wu Yifan was cordially invited to attend Harper’s Bazaar Charity Event which is held on the 19th of September 2014, at Beijing to raise funds for the poor and sick by bidding on items during the evening dinner. Stars such as, Angela Baby, Fan Bing Bing, Li Bing Bing, Jackie Chan etc were also present during this prestigious night. The official weibo of, ‘有一个地方只有我们知道 Somewhere Only We Know’, posted on their weibo account stating that both Wu Yifan and his co-actress Wang Likun will be present at the red carpet.

Wu Yifan was seen to have charmed the red carpet in an ‘Alexander McQueen’s Fall Winter 2014 – Graphic Black and Gray, Contrast Strip Wool Blazer and Geometric Line Wool Pants, matched with a white long sleeved top and a cross from Chrome Hearts; all these which emphasised a sleek and clean look. Despite his suave looks, Wu Yfan never forgets to be polite and was praised by the host of the event, Wen Ya, who posted on her Weibo earlier this evening, that “Wu Yifan was adorable and had great mannerism.“

The official weibo account of ‘有一个地方只有我们知道 Somewhere Only We Know’ has also uploaded two photos of Wu Yifan with the producer of the charity event, Su Mang and actor, Tong Dawei during the evening dinner. Throughout the evening, Wu Yi Fan was seen to be seated with Jackie Chan, Fan Bing Bing and many other A-listers. He also made interactions with actor, Huang Xiao Ming during the star studded event.

The charity event will continue to take place till 10PM (CST) and may they draw to a successful end with high bids and great donations tonight.

 To see more photos, view the article here.

Written by hopping_bunnies @901106.net/home
Sources: @WuYiFan_KrisBar on Twitter, @时尚芭莎’s Official on Weibo, @有一個地方只有我們知道 Official on Weibo & @温雅 Weibo. 
Photos: @WuYiFan_KrisBar on Twitter, @时尚芭莎’s Official on Weibo & @有一個地方只有我們知道 Official on Weibo.



Photo: 5SOS Facebook

By Jazmyn Griffin

Punk and pop listeners alike took to social media to argue and defend their respective genres as the August cover of Alternative Press was released to the public.

The magazine stirred controversy with its choice to feature breakout band 5 Seconds of Summer on its cover. While avid fans of the band supported the choice, many subscribers were skeptical about their place in the issue. It sparked a great debate, mostly online, about a question many have yet to figure out: are 5SOS worthy of the “punk” title?

When you break down what exactly a punk band consists of – counterculture, harsh sound and raw, emotional lyrics – 5SOS just don’t match up.

The group’s self titled album went #1 in the U.S. on pop charts, got new pop fans to follow them and received regular airplay on most pop stations. It’s no secret that 5SOS is a pop band. Every song on the album contains lyrics directed at a girl, an ex-girlfriend in some and a heartbreaker in others, with guitar riffs, catchy choruses and heavy bass. Though legendary pop punk and pop rock bands like blink-182, All Time Low and Green Day inspired the group, there is one glaring difference – the lyrics.

Blink-182 wrote songs not only about heartache and youth, but also explored heavier topics like death, grief and depression in tracks like “Adam’s Song” and “I Miss You.” All Time Low has tracks dedicated to those who committed suicide and about self discovery and acceptance like “Weightless” or “Lullabies.” These topics are absent in 5SOS’ current songs. Punk is about emotion. It evokes emotion, addresses issues fans face and ultimately creates an atmosphere that lets people know it’s OK not to be OK. The closest thing to raw emotion 5SOS gets is “Amnesia,” an acoustic number where pop undertones still run through.

In 5SOS’ case, the members’ use of instruments makes them unique in the mainstream, but the music itself sets the band apart from the punk world. Their rock roots too are not typical of the mainstream sound Capitol Records tends to put out, and it will be interesting to hear the band’s future releases.

Until then, I’m calling 5 Seconds of Summer a pop band.



this is Jay.

she’s the prettiest, brightest, most joyful woman you’ll ever meet.


she breathes rainbows and laughs sunshine.

i can’t get over the fact she’s my friend. she saw these poppy’s selling on the side of the road on an unattended stand and insisted we stop and give money and buy them. this is her arranging them in her room like a proud parent.

she sees what people miss.

she has eyes renewed by Jesus to see beauty in what others see as broken or boring.

jay, i love you. 

her personal blog / her creative blog.

Today is #InternetSlowdown Day: ” The FCC heard from so many Americans who want an Neutral Net that its website crashed. More than a million people told the FCC not to put the cable companies in charge of the Internet — less than one percent of commenters opposed Net Neutrality.

Despite the astroturfers who compared a fair Internet to Communism, messages like the scathing John Oliver rant have carried the day in the court of public opinion.

But will it convince the FCC? Will Tom Wheeler, who used to run the cable lobbyists before he became FCC Chairman, listen to his golf buddies and former colleagues, or to the people he has sworn to serve? Will the FCC be shamed into doing the thing that we all know is right?

Well, that’s up to us.

Today is #InternetSlowdown Day. It’s the day that people all over the Internet show Washington what kind of world they’re trying to make — a world of bland, cable company fuckery, where the thing that determines your success on the Internet is how well your sales force sells the cable company on the premium carriage contract — not whether you’re making something that people love and want to see.

The net neutrality campaign smashed every FCC comment record. Now we’re going to do it again.

Visit https://www.battleforthenet.com/sept10th/, and get the tools you need to participate: swell avatars for your social media uses, banners and dialog boxes you can install on your site — everything you need to help boost the net neutrality campaign from millions to tens of millions of people pledging their support for the Web we all want.


Gentlemen Broncos is a panned 2009 film with one redeeming element: a opening credits scene that used retro sci-fi art for book covers with titles that credited the cast and crew. Here are the covers and artists, along with the scene itself. The Sam Rockwell look-alike is particularly impressive.

The director/writers discuss the process here, and it’s fascinating.