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[141106] Wu Yifan Sings Self-Composed Track ‘有一个地方 (There Is A Place)’

Starting off his own birthday with a present, and following the promotions of his first project as an actor, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 (Somewhere Only We Know),’ Wu Yifan releases a special, original soundtrack entitled ‘有一个地方 (There Is A Place)’ for the said film – co-composed, produced, and sang by none other than himself, 12 am midnight of November 6th, Beijing time. Click here to see the design for the cover of the digital release! 

Previously named as his ‘son,’ during an interview with SINA on the 5th, Wu Yifan released the track he penned lyrics for, produced, and sang with his own voice first thing as November 6 arrived. A special soundtrack for ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 (Somewhere Only We Know),’ a film expected to be shown in cinemas February 2015, where he also plays the male lead Ze Yang, ‘有一个地方There Is A Place’ is a song that perfectly reflects the story of the movie, and expresses the feelings of the characters – whom through a special meeting by fate, lead them to find a special place. Within twenty minutesafter the release, the track was played formore than half a million timeson Weibo;minutes less than an hour a million times, with full stars – with fans from all over the world tuning in, commenting, and loop-ing the song on the said platform.

Wu Yifan himself, re-posted the song link on the dot, and added messages for his Mei Ge Ni (fans), “This song is like a child to me, the first song I’ve created and produced. Happy Birthday, just for you, #Somewhere Only We Know; This is for Mei Ge Ni everywhere, “With you by my side, I will finally be homeless no more” – seemingly responding to the presents his fans have given him for his special day, with another special present of his own creation. Later on, he also left a video message on his Baidu Info page.

Upon learning of the golden opportunity to produce the song himself, Wu connected with his long-time friendSong Bing Yang, who acquired music education from Berklee College of Music in the United States. Shortly after concluding the filming for the movie, Wu and Song diligently discussed the creation of the song while cultivating the necessary feelings to bring out the expressions needed. It was revealed that the recording of just the song itself took 10 hours – with Wu Yifan becoming better and better as he pushed his limits according to those who were around him during that time.Lyrics were penned by both Wu Yi Fan and Song Bing Yang, while the melody was provided by Song. 

Production for the music video was revealed to be underway, with the promise of showcasing scenes from ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 (Somewhere Only We Know),’ and Wu Yifan’s recording clips. The music video is expected to be released next week.

Aside from the fans, the Official Weibo Account of SOWK, co-actors and actresses, as well as his friends Song Bing Yang and Ray expressed support and birthday greetings by re-posting the track link and adding heartful messages to Wu Yifan on Weibo.

Wu Yifan is currently attending to the promotions for ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know,’ while preparing for ‘夏有乔木雅望天堂 (Passion Heaven)’s promotional activities, and getting ready to film his recently-confirmed project, ‘Lao Pao Er.’ It is said that he is also planning to release an EP/ mini album soon as well. Wu Yifan will meet fans once again later tonight at 8 pm, Beijing time, to celebrate his birthday with his fans via an exclusive broadcast by Tencent.

Written by: wingsofeternity

Photos: 叶公子有个幻肢 & 有一个地方 Weibo Page

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#Crochet Magazine Feature

I am very excited to introduce you to the brand new “#crochet" magazine!  It’s a quarterly title launched by Immediate Media in the UK that is targeted towards young, style-savy crocheters who want to try out bright, exciting new designs.  I was honoured when the magazine’s editor Katie asked if I wanted to be a part of the launch issue!


I was even more surprised when my hard copy arrived in the mail and I saw my face on the cover of the magazine!  Haha I never imagined that I would ever be on the cover of a magazine…what an honour!



I was immediately impressed by the weight and feel of the magazine as it is dense with 148 pages (since it’s a quarterly magazine).  The #crochet team did a beautiful job with the layout of this magazine as it is visually very appealing and sharp-looking.  The table of contents shows that this launch issue contains 62 patterns as well as a picture of me wearing my “Long Double Crochet Cowl”!  You may also spot Amigurumei's “Tuxedosam" as they’ve included an excerpt as well as a review of Mei’s new book "Hello Kitty Crochet”.


Here is the feature of my cowl- I love how they described this colour as “Shocking Pink”!


The following pages include my pattern and tutorial for this cowl, detailing how to work in the chain space.  They also included a little background information of this project as well as a little blurb about my blog and I!


I also have a second pattern included in this launch issue: my amigurumi “Siu Mai”!  Once again, I think they did a wonderful job with the layout of this spread and their use of typography.


And on the very last “Stockists" page of the magazine, they included my picture again!


I am honoured and delighted to be featured so heavily in this brand new magazine, and I thank Katie and her team for letting me be a part of it!  You can find #crochet magazine’s Facebook page HERE, their Twitter HERE, as well as information on how to buy this magazine HERE.  Hard copies of Issue 1 can be found in WHSmiths, Tescos, and many independent newsagents in the UK but I am unsure of its availability in the US and Canada.  Let me know if you spot this magazine in any of your local stores!  Once again, thanks for reading and supporting my blog so that I get exciting opportunities such as these ❤


[141105] Wu Yifan Talks About ‘Firsts’ on SINA Interview

For the first time since his ‘rebirth’ as an actor, Wu Yifan meets his audience a day before his birthday, and weeks after the completion of the filming of his acting debut, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know,’along with Actress-slash-directorXu Jinglei(who also directs the said film) to talk about firsts in acting, composing and producing, crash dieting, and even love – today, November 5th, in Beijing, held bySINA Entertainment.

As his first film ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know’ enters the final stages of production, Wu Yifan and Xu Jinglei visited the SINA headquarters earlier this day to talk about topics ranging from the film, to the soundtrack, to preparations, and even more personal questions such as about eating and drinking, relationships, and future plans. Some of the questions, were sent by fans days before upon the announcement of the said guesting. Setting the flame of blaze, the MC and Wu started with discussions about the song that would be released midnight – hours later; the song said to be produced, composed, and sang by the young actor himself. Wu reveals that it was his first time personally working on a song, that he sees it as his ‘son.’ He confidently stated that the song represented the movie well, with Xu Jinglei adding on the side that she trusts the young man’s decisions well enough to believe the words he just said. Touching on the song’s title, ‘有一个地方(There’s A Place),’ the host asked if there was a place that was important to him and his friends. Wu affirmed, but refused to reveal further more than what he unveiled to be that place where he and his friends played basketball.

Diverting a bit from the flow, Wu is cornered with a rather quirky question about his first love. At first he denied and stated he couldn’t remember, but later revealed that he planned to marry once – a pigtailed girl from kindergarten when he was around 3 or 4 as memory served him. Unable to escape the topic, he was then asked if he had any relationships recently, which he denied, mainly because he was too focused on work. He also described his ideal type to be someone who possesses an angelic face and can take care of themselves well; a position which he gladly said was open even to fans, as long as they were ‘the one.’

Talking about the movie, the MC also turned to Xu about Wu’s role, the main lead Ze Yang. The female director described Ze Yang as a very difficult character to portray, because Wu needed to learn how to play musical instruments he might have never touched before. Yifan added that the cello, for example, was a very difficult instrument to actually play, and that he tended to have cramps whenever he held the bow. Aside from the instruments, his projection of the language needed to be refined, which Xu worked on by having Wu recite poetry during preparations. Xu Jinglei confidently added that since it was a very hard role, the film wouldn’t have been completed without Wu Yifan. As for his physical appearance, it was revealed that Wu Yifan needed to go on diet to portray Ze Yang well, which he started by melancholically eating a whole bucket of chicken wings on Prague’s Charles Bridge at 3AM – as his last indulgence before he had to cut eating habits. Wu quickly added that even though his schedules were packed, it was manageable and the fact that he had good working relationships with the other lead actors and actresses made his first experience memorable.

As for fans and family, Yifan talked about how much he treasures family so much that he wishes nothing else but a happy family in the future. As for the fans, Director Xu complimented how Wu’s fans came from all over the world with so much beauty and politeness. She stated that she believes he will gain more fans in the future for his hardworking attitude and talents. Yifan thanked Xu Jinglei for granting his wish to be able to act, and added how much he was thankful for everyone’s support, but also hoped they would put themselves first, too. The session ended with the staff presenting Wu Yifan with a birthday cake, and well wishes for his future and his birthday. He concluded by stating his future endeavors: saying he had no plans to give up on either music and acting, and that there is a right time for everything, and that is taking things step by step.

Wu Yifan is currently shuffling with three confirmed films: ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 (Somewhere Only We Know),’ on last stages on production, ‘夏有乔木雅望天堂 (Passion Heaven)’ which just ended filming, and ‘Lao Pao Er’ which is yet to start production. He is also said to be preparing for an EP/ mini album, and will be meeting fans tomorrow again for his birthday event broadcasted by Tencent. ‘有一个地方 (There Is A Place)’ will be released midnight of November 6, Beijing time.

Written by: wingsofeternity
Photos: SINA
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