Hi!! As stated above I’m Alexander. I’m a depressed, suicidal, anxetic transboy living in a house of people with superiority complexes and beliefs against medicine and transgender people. Come Saturday (September 13) I will probably be paying a visit to the local psych ward, so thats good, but I need some other things.

As a closeted trans kid who cant come out, I’m forced to wear clothing of the opposite gender. What I want to do is buy my own clothes. I can earn money in two ways:

FeaturePoints: Go to www.featu.re/E4TSA2 on your mobile device, or www.featurepoints.com and enter referral code E4TSA2. You can receive points to get things, and in you doing so, I get points as well! Points can be redeemed in gift cards and apps and the such.

Commissions: I can do relatively decent art (check my tagged/art for examples) and, while I dont have a paypal quite yet, i can still receive payments via amazon and amazon giftcards. I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

If someone can tell me if buying someone stuff from their amazon wishlist requires the one purchasing the item to know the wishlist owner’s address, please do!

As for mental health, I wanna fill a notebook with encouragements and stuff so I guess shoot me an ask or something.

If you can’t do any of this, a reblog would be nice, because even that helps.

Thank you!

EDIT: I cannot receive large ammounts of money at a time or it may seem suspicious to my family, so keep that in mind!!

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