Some extra pocket change for those who are disabled, unable to work, need a boost, or just want to buy something nice.

Feature Points is a smartphone app where you download free apps, use them for about 1 minute (and you are able to delete them after. Or keep them if you really like them I guess) and then get points.

With those point you can get things such as amazon gift cards, paid apps, and paypal cards.

Go to http://featu.re/RTS7W2 on your smartphone and download the app. If you are asked for a referral code put in RTS7W2. You will get 50 extra point for it and I will get extra points too, so it’s a Win-Win!

Signing up would really help me out since I am physically and mentally ill. I would love to buy a new binder that isn’t second hand and some gender affirming/masc clothes. <3


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Someway Somehow by nightingiall

With a freshly broken heart, Niall Horan is convinced relationships just aren’t his thing. But when a certain hazel-eyed girl helps him get back on his feet, he can’t seem to help that feeling that starts in his heart and then exudes out into the rest of him, let alone suppress it. There’s only one problem: Tegan Harvey’s best friend is his ex-girlfriend, Skylar Murray. And if Tegan and Niall ever want to find a way to make it work, they’ll have to go through much more than they initially anticipated. 

A story about making mistakes, discovering new opportunities, and deciphering old Irish sayings.

Rating: M
Chapters: 21
Completed: No