hi hi!!!! sorry i didnt post yesterday i fell asleep early omg but yesterday robb came over and we went to the flower shop by my house and pet a bunch of doggies the owner has and we napped together after school and watched the beginning of a movie and roosterteeth videos and rai got me a gorgeous ring from the dollar stroll im crying?????? i had the best time and im talkin to tara a bunch about so much and im just so so happy and so in love romantically and platonically

hi!!!!! ive been home for a lil bit i went over robb’s yesterday and we went to this lgbtq+ exhibit and it wasneat i got some really nice pictures of some stuff!!! and then zir and tara and i we re freakin out over the lok trailer and we watched the atla finale (i randomly got a charley horse) and got some chinese food and it was so so nice uwu andi  slept over and stuff and we did some p nice community service and we just hung out it was so nice