The federal government may take its first step towards marijuana legalization

The FDA is considering removing marijuana from its list of the most dangerous and harmful drugs. This could signal a radical shift in the way our government regulates and enforces weed.

It would be huge for marijuana legalization on all levels. Schedule 2 status will mean that weed for research will become more abundant, allowing scientists to finally crack the mysterious therapeutic value of cannabis, giving us evidence of its efficacy through controlled clinical trials rather than anecdotal data from self-prescribers. Another benefit is that state lawmakers will have one less reason to stand against medical marijuana in their states — a change in the federal government’s stance is a signal to the rest of the country.

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If you’re a man who sleeps with men, your blood is dirty — or so the FDA would have you believe. 

After more than 30 years, and despite considerable progress on HIV education and treatment, the lifetime ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men (MSM) continues, a vestige of past homophobia cloaked in dubious science. 

But there’s an incredibly simple way to stop it.

anonymous said:

I'm so fucking terrified right now. The FDA is currently debating whether or not autistic people actually feel pain. I mean, it shouldn't even be a question, but what if they come to the conclusion (due to bullshit and harmful ignorance by NTs fuelling this crap) that we ultimately don't? I am just so scared right now.

This was, in fact, legitimately asked at the FDA committee hearing. Which is terrible, especially the part where they were apparently not sure what the answer was.