The Nicotine Misconception

Another amazing video from the Truth About Vaping YouTube.  Watch this, pay attention and share it around everywhere you can


SIGNAL BOOST: PetSmart is selling a recalled brand of jerky treats that are literally killing hundreds of dogs around north america

“I believe that Authority products are directly linked to the death of my dog, Gidget, a 10 pound Chihuahua.  There is an equal body of information that supports the illness/death of other pets as related to these products since the sudden and untimely death of my beloved pet.  Since her passing I have pledged to be her voice and to get the information out in the hopes of saving other dogs. I have taken to social media only to be approached by other pet owners who reported that their pets had gotten ill or died shortly and suddenly after eating the Authority treats.  Reported illness and deaths have occurred locally, in other states nationwide and in Canada. A constant and common factor in all these dogs are the AUTHORITY PRODUCTS.  No pet owner or pet should have to endure the effects of these treats.  It was a terrible painful death for our girl.  She deserved better.

The FDA requested the jerky product name and lot number.  The FDA then requested her medical records and body Gidget’s body 48 hours after her death and performed a necropsy on her at the New Bolten Center at the University of Pennsylvania.  The results are forth coming.  What is certain is the Authority Chicken Jerky that Gidget ate is listed on the FDA’s list of known jerkies to cause illness/death.  So why is it still on the shelves of PetSmart? How many dogs have to die?

As consumers we need to pull together and demand that PetSmart take action to make our pets safe.  They need to stop cutting corners and provide products that do not cause our pets illness and death.  This would be right thing to do. Please join me in this cause, and help all pet owners to protect the ones we love.”

These treats are literally on recall from the FDA and PetSmart is still selling them, this is so illegal and immoral its not even funny please sign this petition and end this nighmare

I just signed a petition urging the FDA to keep GMO salmon out of the US. I think you should, too.

AquaBounty, the company creating the first-ever genetically modified salmon for human consumption, is playing fast and loose with environmental regulations, and we may end up paying the price.The FDA is still considering approval of the company’s dangerous GMO salmon. This could have huge ramifications if we don’t speak up to prevent it.

If you’re deciding between a candy bar and a fruit-and-nut bar, and health is top of mind, the best choice seems obvious.

But when it comes to companies actually labeling their products “healthy,” the Food and Drug Administration is showing it won’t pull any punches. In a letter dated March 17 that was released this week, the agency called out the snack food company Kind for violating labeling rules by putting the word “healthy” on the packaging for some of its bars.

Nut So Fast, Kind Bars: FDA Smacks Snacks On Health Claims

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We’ve all heard that an aspirin a day can keep heart disease at bay. But lots of Americans seem to be taking it as a preventive measure, when many probably shouldn’t.

In a recent national survey, more than half the adults who were middle age or older reported taking an aspirin regularly to prevent a heart attack or stroke. The Food and Drug Administration only recommends the drug for people who’ve already experienced such an event, or who are at extremely high risk.

However, many of the people taking aspirin daily have never had a heart attack or stroke.

Maybe You Should Rethink That Daily Aspirin

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The Food and Drug Agency sent a warning letter last month to Kind LLC informing it that four of its products — Fruit & Nut Almond & Apricot, Fruit & Nut Almond & Coconut, Plus Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein and Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew – ”do not meet the requirements for use of the nutrient content claim ‘healthy’ on a food label.”

The agency sent the snack bar company a warning label asking it to remove misleading claims from its labels

FDA Makes DNA Screening for Diseases More Accessible

Federal health officials are easing access to DNA tests used to screen parents for devastating genetic disorders that can be passed on to their children. The surprise announcement offers a path forward for Google-backed genetic testing firm 23andMe, which previously clashed with regulators over its direct-to-consumer technology.

The Food and Drug Administration said it will not require preliminary review before companies can sell so-called carrier screening tests to the public. The tests, currently administered by health care professionals, are used by prospective parents who are healthy but may be carriers of cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs and other rare familial conditions.

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I thought Alan Cumming had lost his mind, then I watched the video and was so wrong.

FDA seeks to ban donut and cake sprinkles as latest wave in big-government war against trans fat

The never-resting enemies of personal liberty at the FDA are targeting a beloved childhood favorite in their jihad against trans fats: sprinkles. 

from Breitbart:

Early next year, the FDA is expected to finalize a new regulation intended to eradicate even trace amounts of partially hydrogenated oils, known as trans fats, from our diets.

Although the amount of trans fats Americans consume has declined significantly in recent years, the FDA’s quest to completely eliminate a particular type of trans fat threatens to eliminate the noble “sprinkle,” used to decorate holiday treats and donuts. Even a small amount of joy is suspect in the FDA’s brave, new, food-monitored world.

In recent years, research has determined that consuming large amounts of trans fats is harmful to the heart. Trans fats have been in the American diet since the 1950s, but recent awareness of its health risks have pushed food companies and restaurants to minimize its use. Today, Americans consume just 1.3 grams of trans fats a day, around 0.6% of total caloric intake. No research has shown this level of consumption to pose any risk.

The proposed FDA action underscores the challenge of a permanent bureaucracy. Having succeeded in removing the risk that may arise from consuming large amounts of trans fats, the FDA extends its mission to eliminate even trace amounts, which may provide little in the way of improved health. Toxicity is determined by the dose, not the agent. Even water can kill if it is consumed in great quantities.

A small amount of trans fats appear naturally in many foods. The new FDA rule would allow these, but broaden its regulatory dragnet to prohibit the very small amounts of artificial trans fats used to prolong the shelf life of many frozen foods, baked goods and, yes, sprinkles.

At this juncture, it bears repeating that a large reason trans fats used to be so prevalent in our diets was due to the activism of the food nannies at Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). The left-wing food scolds, most famous for its reports on “calorie bomb” food entrees, pushed restaurants and food companies to switch to trans fats in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Completely absurd!  The founders would roll over in their graves if they knew how micromanaging the government they created has become.  I know sprinkles is a small hill to die on, but it is tyranny none the less.  Big government seeks to prevent people from enjoying the liberty of something as benign as eating a donut with sprinkles on it.

The Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday that it will modify a rule that currently bars any man who has ever had sex with another man from donating blood. But while the agency’s new guidelines may be good news for bisexuals and celibate gay men who want to donate, it’s a far cry from a significant change in policy.

Under the revised guidelines, men who have not had sexual contact with another man within a year will be allowed to donate. “[T]aking into account the recommendations of advisory committees to the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the FDA, the agency will take the necessary steps to recommend a change to the blood donor deferral period for men who have sex with men from indefinite deferral to one year since the last sexual contact,” the FDA said in a press release. Men who are currently sexually active with other men, however, will still not be permitted to donate.

The current regulations on donating blood, put in place in 1983, stem from the era of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and subsequent panic. But virtually no one has gotten HIV due to a transfusion; just one in 2 million people has contracted the disease that way. Because of these low statistics — combined with the fact that all donated blood is tested for HIV/AIDS — the American Medical Association came out in favor of ending the ban on gay men’s donations in June of 2013.

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FDA Holds Hearing Regarding Homeopathy Regulation

For the last 25 years, homeopathy could be bought and sold as a medicine without any regulation by the FDA. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is re-evaluating their regulatory framework so that homeopathy may be subject to the same standards that regular medicine has. 

Currently homeopathy can be sold on shelves right next to medicine that has been tested and evaluated for safety and effectiveness. Michael De Dora of the Center for Inquiry testified that, if the FDA refuses to require testing of homeopathy, that the product should at least be required to have clear labeling. This labeling should include a list of the ingredients written in plain English (as opposed to the current practice of writing them in Latin), as well as a warning that the FDA has not evaluated the product for safety or effectiveness. In De Dora’s closing statement, he said  that “the American public deserves as much from the agency tasked with protecting them.”

Homeopathy has been tested by other groups, and in no reputable study has ever found it to have any effect outside the placebo effect. Homeopathic medicine is based on the belief that water has “memory,” and water is the only “active” ingredient in the treatment. In 2010, hundreds of demonstrators purposely took massive “overdoses” of this “medicine” to illustrate the fact that homeopathy is functionally sugar pills. They suffered no ill effects and no one was cured of anything, either.

The FDA is seeking written comments from anyone with an interest in the issue, including but not limited to health care providers, consumers, sellers, patients, and scientists. 

FDA approves Google-backed home genetic test

The FDA announced that it would “exempt these devices [carrier screening tests] from FDA premarket review,” and that it will take public comments on the change for the next 30 days.

“The FDA believes that in many circumstances it is not necessary for consumers to go through a licensed practitioner to have direct access to their personal genetic information. Today’s authorization and accompanying classification, along with FDA’s intent to exempt these devices from FDA premarket review, supports innovation and will ultimately benefit consumers,” said Alberto Gutierrez, director of FDA’s office for diagnostics, in a press release.

“These tests have the potential to provide people with information about possible mutations in their genes that could be passed on to their children.”