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Moments (Sayyid Qutb Quote)

هناك لحظات في الحياة لا يصمد لها بشر إلا أن يكون مرتكناً إلى الله مَطمئناً إلى حماه.. مهما أوتي من القوة والصلابة والثبات! ففي الحياة لحظات تعصف بهذا كله، فلا يصمد لها إلا المطمئنون بذكر الل! و {أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ} - سيد قطب

There are moments in life that no human being can undergo, unless they are fully reliant on Allah and certain of His protection, regardless of how much strength, endurance and perseverance has already been given them. For in life there are moments that take all of these things by storm, and only those stay standing who were given surety through the remembrance of Allah, for “only with the remembrance of Allah do hearts find surety.” ~Sayyid Qutb

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Oberleutnant Friedrich Stadler from the 13./Panzer-Regiment Großdeutschland mugs for the camera in June 1943, prior to the start of Operation Zitadelle.


I really didn’t plan on posting this on tumblr, but I really want taylorswift to see my new tattoo. These thirteen words mean absolutely everything to me. Last September, I was lucky enough to have a friend that met her surprise me by getting her to write out this lyric for me. It’s been almost a year, but I finally was able to get the tattoo.

"Innocent" is a very personal song for me. It came out just a few months after my classmate took his own life and it was during a time that I was in a very dark place. I really hate talking about my history with self harm and being open about my anxiety problems because everyone will look at me like I’m trying to "use my sob story", but it’s so important to me that Taylor knows just how much she has helped me over the years. She has literally given me a reason to stay alive. She has brought so many good people and memories into my life and I can never thank her enough.

I got this tattoo at Black 13 studio in Nashville on September 13 before the Ed Sheeran concert. All those details already make it a very Swift situation, but that’s not even my favorite part. I got this tattoo on the five-year anniversary of the famous “Kanye incident” that inspired that lyric. I love looking back and seeing how much has changed in that amount of time for both Taylor and I. We have both grown so much and I know I might not be here today if it wasn’t for her. She has brought me confidence and strength and friendships that nobody else will ever understand.

I doubt she’ll ever see this, but I’m absolutely determined to get it to her somehow. One day I hope I will finally meet her and be able to show her in person and thank her and hug her, but for now I just want her to know that she is the reason I am here supporting her and that she means the world to me.