Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Bioshock Infinite was amazing, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good if not for the sound design. In fact, whoever figured out all the music throughout the game single-handedly made Bioshock Infinite an instant best game of the past five years. Why you ask? Well I’d hate to spoil it, just play through the entire game and hopefully you’ll catch on. (I’ll also be posting some of said music in the coming days).

In any case, here’s Brooker DoIt, one of the many underpaid investigators in the FCPD (Future City Police Department). Based off Booker DeWitt, he’ll probably just have a cameo appearance. Hopefully I can crank out an Elizabeth and possibly the Lutece Twins. (Minor note; the three of them combined made up for the lack of the kind of interesting and compelling cast of the original Bioshock, although could never quite rival it). 

Nome: Ian Blake Lahm Ziemann

Idade: 17 anos

Aniversário: 4 de janeiro
Signo: Capricórnio
Elemento: Terra

Personalidade: vocês irão descobrir ao longo da fic.

Cor favorita: verde

Melhor qualidade: sexy, haha, tá, ele é um ótimo ouvinte

Pior defeito: mega ciumento

Nome: Arya Jane Williams
Idade: 17 anos
Aniversário: 22 de março
Signo: Áries
Elemento: Água

Personalidade: vocês irão descobrir ao longo da fic.

Cor favorita: vermelho
Melhor qualidade: pé no chão (isso pode ser chamado de qualidade?)
Pior defeito: insegura