Jared Leto stopped by the Fast Company office today to chat with readers about his approach to disrupting the music industry, overcoming challenges, and dealing with enemies. I sat off to the side tweeting the S#IT out of it for @FastComapny. Afterwords he graciously let me take a picture with him!

He also had some very smart and inspirational things to say. My favorite line:

“Being surrounded by dreamers and believers certainly helps make the impossible much more impossible.” 

You should read the full transcript from today’s chat.

"In my experience, what’s true as a woman is very different from some of the more cliched ways we’ve represented women over the years. I want to tell a more complex story. I want to tell a more empowered story, a more joyful story, a more sexy story … 

There’s an opportunity to create a new way of looking at women in the culture, and that’s by example.” -Connie Britton, No. 13 on our list of Most Creative People in business

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