Follow Friday
I’ve never done one of these before but I thought I’d give it a try

  • Okamionna  is my Wife and my bestest friend. She’s hilarious, wonderful, beautiful and I could probably go on about her forever. I’ll spare you my love speech and just say she’s awesomeamazingtastic.
  • Kennyconqueso is an awesome dude who posts comic and science fictiony stuff. He’s one of my real life friends and he’s super cool and totally needs more people to love on him. He’s been a major person in my life and he’s damn lovely.
  • Virginsandgold is my other Rachel soulmate. She likes musicals, Supernatural, Boondock Saints and Irish stuff. She also writes super smut and just generally super awesome and so feckin cool, lovely and just amazing as hell. She is a kick-ass bad-ass.
  • Amanda-studies-jareds-landmark is pretty much lovely. She is such a sweetheart and always makes time for everyone. She’s also smutty as hell and keeps my dash exciting and the Supernatural fandom horny (not that we all need much help).
  • Dreamgirldiaries keeps me up to date on Sean and Norman, posts all sorts of fudgin awesome Flanery and sends me the smut she writes about them. She’s such a sweety and keeps my dash positive and happy. Plus we can talk about Sean Patrick Flanery obsessively which is fantastic, and she knows all information I ever need about him. xD
  • Jakelikesthis is such a nice guy and posts all sorts of video game and awesomeness related stuff. He seems down to earth and nice and I feel like I end up liking almost everything he posts that I see.
  • Reedusfiend an awesome lady that posts so much Norman I can barely think straight when I look at my dash. She’s also a sweetheart, everyone on this list is. She’s hella nice and supa cool all over the place.
  • Deductionisthekey puts Robert Downey Jr all over my dash and is just generally awesome and fuckin cool and sweet and I love seeing her on my dashboard every day.
  • Lightbearer- is my new coloring buddy and a super cool Supernatural fan. She’s lovely and aware of the world around her (unless it comes to some sexual things and then Amanda jumps in to corrupt her.) She’s hilarious and digs Bioshock as well which I love hearing about on my dash. She’s awesome.
  • Fckyeahfreaksandgeeks is suuuuuper cool and posts all sorts of James Franco and other people from the show as well, plus other amazingawesome stuff. Super cool, and very friendly and neat. 

I feel like I’m using the same words to describe everyone…but they all are so awesome and I run out of ways to say that the right way. I'ma super fangirl of these people, and everyone else I follow.

I think I'ma try and do ten people every friday, or at least when I end up doing these. I was thinkin about not doin em cause I didn’t want anyone to feel left out, but I will get to everyone eventually. I love all of the people I follow intensely, that’s why I follow em. 

But yes I love you guys.