You think you’re so fucking mature now that you’ve moved on with your life but you’re not. You don’t care about school or your health and you go out and party every night. I’m a year younger than you and have my priorities figured out more than you do so don’t fucking tell me that who I talk to or what I do is immature when what you’re doing is worse than a two year old.
—  Grow the fuck up you hypocrite erica-s-diary

falling in love made them the happiest and saddest people you ever saw


Faceplanting a Camera: Expectation vs. Reality

Just imagine waking up next to Michael and he’s shirtless and laying on his stomach and his hair is all messy and sprawled on the pillow and after you’ve been staring at him for a minute he starts waking up and he just turns his head and starts staring back at you with a little smirk and his eyes all squinty bc the light and he’d just shake his head and bury his face back into the pillow and go to sleep