time with another rumors and speculation post! shim jae won, aka: beatburger, made two posts on his instagram (@beatburgerjae) that have caused shawols to become both curious and suspicious (all the same). the first, which featured the caption: “Aㅏ. #인해전술 #때춤 ”, has two hashtags that translate (roughly) to mention “choreography practice / maneuvers” and “#dance time”. at the start of the caption there’s also a “mysterious” (i’m laughing at myself while writing this right now - it’s too cheesy) “a” at the beginning which is… undecipherable, obviously. the second photo came with no caption. speculations being made by fans for the first photo is that it is, in fact, shinee. this is suspected for multiple reasons: the person near the center of the photo with the black sneakers is wearing sweatpants that onew wore throughout the behind the scenes footage on the shinee world iii dvd, while the person cut off at the wearing side of the photo is swearing sneakers similar to those jonghyun wore during the same footage. it is being assumed that if it is shinee the photo is either from practice for new choreography for their concerts next weekend or their upcoming comeback. the second photo simply features a wall which, for those who have been keeping up with potential “hints” being dropped by shinee themselves over the last month, is quite similar to many cryptic / strange images onew uploaded to his own instagram of walls.

just like said in all of the other rumor / speculation posts made on this blog: this should be taken with a grain of salt, though it wouldn’t be the first time that shim jae won posted something on his sns accounts that alluded to an upcoming comeback of an sm group, especially shinee. just before “sherlock” was announced in 2012 he uploaded a faceless photo of shinee practicing the choreography.