Date Night + Jayson

Excited could not even describe how Jasmine was feeling at this moment, she was going on a real date with Grayson. She had no idea where he was taking her, and she really didn’t care, just as long as she was with him. She fixed her clothes and made her way to the foyer to wait for Grayson. She smiled when she saw him standing there waiting. “Hey Grayson, I’m ready.”



"May I see the child for a moment?" 

He holds out his hands for it. 

Beep beep, add-ons carefully hand the child over. Seems they know what they’re doing, but Edgar certainly doesn’t. He just kicks the ground and lays on his side, gnawing at the ground. The child just seems startled from suddenly being high up to in another’s care. No crying as of yet.

Captain Kidd was down with the pox. At least, that’s what the news was as they came to port in Kingston. The entire crew of The Kurtisane had gotten off the ship as fast as they could when they docked and were mostly in the pubs and taverns, enjoying their unexpected shore leave.

Mary managed to sneak off the boat after dark, with a suitcase in her hand filled with the clothing of a proper Lady. She’d somehow acquired it all during various raids. At first the crew had laughed at their captain, but now she was glad that she did it.

Once onshore, she went over to the Inn that she was supposed to meet Anne at and waited inside an already rented room, anxiety and anticipation both coursing through her veins.

Breaking In The Newbie || Cailey (Rileystreet)

Bailey closed her journal and made sure to lock it up in the small safe that she had brought along with her before entering the bathroom. She was still a little taken aback that Caleb had gone out of his way to read her entries. No one was supposed to know that she was leaving Florida and starting a new life in San Francisco, yet he did, and that fact shook her somehow. Spending the next half an hour in the bathroom, she groomed herself, making sure that she had shaved her legs and her unmentionables, and then moving on to style her hair. Before putting on her dress, she lathered her skin with the brown sugar scented lotion that he had mentioned liking. 

The red mini dress she had on was a tight fit and left nothing to the imagination. She might as well have not bothered to wear anything, her breasts were almost popping out of the bust of the dress and although she was short, the length of the skirt barely covered her legs, let alone her ass. “He wanted something red and sexy, I’m giving him something red and sexy.” She mumbled as she slipped on a pair of black stockings before putting on the red stilettos heels. After applying makeup, she looked at her appearance and smiled. She looked hot—hopefully hot enough to give him a quick release so that she could be done early. 

Leaving her room, she was led to his bedroom by one of his many bodyguards. She walked as slowly as possible, wanting to delay the inevitable, but his room was close by and before she knew it, they had arrived. Once there, she smiled at the bodyguard as he took his leave and hesitantly knocked on the door—her heart beating a mile a minute, as nerves wrecked her body. “It’s Angel… May I come in, baby?” She said through the door, rolling her eyes at the term of endearment she had to use with him.