Three out of three.

This is one of my favorites. I made this out of stress and boredom. I edited this in PS after I scanned it to refine some edges. Some outlines were very messy.


So this drawing got featured on Tumblr radar and on the Log-In/Sign-up page of the site! Thank you so much, Tumblr Staff! Felt like crying skittles last night when I saw this.


Arya Stark/Valar Morghulis | Graphite pencils on Moleskine.

Finished this drawing last night. I decided to add the statement “Valar Morghulis” a.k.a “all men must die” in High Valyrian on the previous page to give this piece a more “complete” look. I used this picture of Maisie for reference.

I changed Maisie’s sweater pattern to my own liking which is floral because drawing knitwear would probably suck the life out of me. Kidding! I don’t usually do typography by hand so that’s why the lettering looks kind of messy/out of proportion.

Hope you guys like it!
Progress shots on my previous post.

Uhm, how do I even begin to describe the feeling of seeing one of my drawings on Tumblr Radar?? One word - CRAZY! The awesome-heart-bursting-mind blowing kind of crazy! I had an explosion of effervescence on Twitter just a few moments ago.

Wow I’m just completely overwhelmed about this whole thing. It was totally unexpected. I was just in the middle of a Tumblr break because I’ve been so busy with school lately and BOOM - I saw it. The first thing I knew I should do was to take a screenshot to remember it.

T'was really shocking because it was my first time getting over a thousand of notes for one post. The posts that gain many notes on my blog are mostly the songs I upload.

I can’t even contain how happy and grateful I am right now. This is the best! I also got another work of mine featured on EatSleepDraw.com today!

Seems like the stress I’ve been into lately have been worth it upon seeing this.

TUMBLR, YOU MADE MY WEEK! OR PROBABLY THE REST OF MY 2014! Thank you so much for this opportunity and to the people who appreciated my work. You have no idea how much it means to me.

And to my new followers for Splashy Neurons, welcome to my blog! You guys are so many, I can’t even mention it! However, I can’t promise you that I will post regularly because College and life gets in the way most of the time. I wholeheartedly appreciate that you want to see more of my work, even if they’re not always the best and I know tons of artists who are way better. But since summer vacation is almost near, I’ll try my best to show more of my work just for you.

To end this post, as weird and ambitious it may sound/look like, I feel like a true “winner”. Haha! Cheers everyone!


A drawing I finished a few weeks ago. I apologize for not posting much lately…I don’t think I have to reach a certain quota or something but it makes me a bit sad that I don’t get to update this “art” blog like how often other artists do on their blogs. I unexpectedly got busy with extra-curricular things (which I didn’t even want in the first place but I had no choice) after summer class which was a total drag but I’m slowly beginning to tolerate having to exert extra effort.

I used both graphite and charcoal (on a light amount only) on a Moleskine.


“I don’t need saving.” - Arya Stark, Game of Thrones S04E10 - The Children

12x9 inches | Graphite pencils on watercolour paper.

I don’t know why some pictures appear grainy now (seriously freaking out if it’s a problem with my phone). But anyway, I’m planning to upload scans with a decent quality of this one and my previous drawing of Arya in a few days.

This is quite an achievement for me so I’d like to extend my big thanks to:

  1. the parent who was interested in buying my drawing
  2. mama and papa for funding my art materials (lol) and supporting me all the way
  3. Lykke Li, Kodaline, Chvrches, and Keith Keniff for composing songs and music that made me stay sane and hyped up while working on this
  4. My closest friends and followers of this blog for your support on my works

Arya has always been one of my top favorites in the books and the tv series (aside from protagonists Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Hodor, and the antagonists Melisandre and Tywin Lannister - RIP, mi'lord). She simply inspires me to have guts even in the hardest of times. You wouldn’t expect that she’d live this far because she’s been through a lot. Heck, her mom, eldest brother, and father who seemed to be in a safe place or situation died before her. (haha….</3). She’s tough and she has substance. As a loyal supporter of House Stark, I believe they’ll go a long way even though most of them are “lone wolves” now.

A late birthday present I made for my main bitch aka my best friend since 2005. Her birthday was last Friday but I was not able to finish this since I started it on a Wednesday night.

This was drawn on a 15x10 inches master illustration board. Used water colours for most of it (kinda tricky since I haven’t used watercolours for a long, LONG time. My works are usually digital or drawn by hand but colored with colour pencils) and a mix of sign pens and fine Sharpie markers for the outlines.