What Happens In Vegas | Faydrian AU

This is an alternate universe para that is set the day after Melanie and Alaric’s wedding. 

A low groan slipped through his lips as Adrian Ivashkov’s deep green eyes peek through the heavy slits, fighting against the cool sunbeam seeping through the windows of his bedroom. His head was still a bit heavy with last night’s hang over, he could still taste the hint of the blood-booze cocktail in his morning breath. Turning his throbbing head to his side, a crinkle formed at the bridge of his nose as he recognized the warmth right next to him, the brunette head occupying the length of his arm. A smirk etched on his Moroi pale lips as he watched the dark lashes flicker slightly while her eyes remained closed. With his free hand he pulled up the covers over them up to the crook of her neck as he snuggled closer, planting a soft kiss over her nose, so dainty and careful not to wake her up. 

Discovery. Exploration. Working it out. Those were the terms that came up during his escapades with Faye Chamberlain the night before. They have been spending so much time together for quite a while. Faye has been Adrian’s official date at almost every event in Mystic Falls ever since the two clicked their heads together in Las Vegas, the town fair, camping trip and now she has just officially been Adrian’s roommie, when he offered his own home for the newly-turned vampire to stay while she was still looking for a place to land. If he wasn’t in doubt of his own capability to fall in love and his known thread of women in Mystic Falls, one would think that Adrian and Faye are already officially a couple. But they both knew that they needed to work a bit more harder to reach that level, at least that is what they agreed upon last night.

Adrian pivoted his whole body to face her, just gazing at her sleeping state for seconds, waiting for her to wake up so the first thing that she’ll see would be his emerald green eyes, staring back at her. 

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[tsd faydrian] "That sounded easier in the book."

“Yeah…it definitely did sound easier…in the book…” Faye replied, heaving a sigh. Although Faye hadn’t seen him for a while after meeting him in Vegas, when they did, they became partners in crime once again. It didn’t take long for the brunette to find the Chamberlain family’s book of shadows. As soon as she found it, she immediately found Adrian so they could see if there were little tricks they could do. Or even some spells.

They were trying a gold-creating spell that Faye had found in her book of shadows. She needed a rope and enchant a spell that would turn it into pure gold. But something had obviously gone wrong because the item on the table in front of her wasn’t gold. It was some kind of metal, but not gold. “It’s okay…We can try again next time.” The brunette responded, still trying to figure out what it was she had done wrong.

The Carnival || Faye and Adrian

After cheating their ways to win in her Senior Ditch Day back in Vegas, Adrian found just the perfect partner in crime in Faye Chamberlain. Meeting her again after she returned from New York just immediately sent silly grins on his face, as he recalled how they used their own tricks to win Poker and Black Jack, ending the night with loads of cash for Faye, something to make her Senior Ditch Day unforgettable. 

Seeing that the Fair is the new craze in town, of course, Adrian wouldn’t miss it, especially now that he’s surprisingly bored. And the sound of trouble rolling out of Faye’s tongue made him more curious and enthralled to join in. He was by the door of her place just after lunch time, the sun just perfectly hidden behind the clouds for a daylight stroll. He pressed the doorbell and waited. 

Take You Home | Faydrian

[After the event, Adrian has committed himself to take Faye home–well, literally–since the witch seemed to be suddenly “interested” about his house, just as much as Adrian is interested with the major change that has obviously occured in Faye’s life. Right after the wedding, he drove them towards his place, parked the Ford Mustang in his garage and looked at Faye with a smug expression on his face. Then he sighed softly,] Now, we’re here. Let the tour commence. [Winks]

[happy valentine's day, baby vamp!]

….because Faydrian needs a baby brother. :)

I love you. And don’t move, I’ll be there for some special microwavable breakfast in bed. 

Your self-proclaimed Valentine, 

Adrian xx

“Adi, thank you. You do not know how much I love you. The bear is so cute and soft! What are we going to name him?” She called out from her bed as she saw Adrian coming over with a tray of food from the kitchen.

Merry Christmas, Baby Vamp!

I love you, my partner-in-crime. Always. And I kinda dressed Faydrian up with a Santa hat. He doesn’t seem amused by it.

See you in 15 minutes. I just went out for groceries.



Opening the present, after reading the note, the brunette smiled and glanced at the grey teddy bear who was on their bed with a Santa hat. Thanks, Adi! Both the dress and heels look so nice! We have to go out tonight so I can wear them. (: See you soon! Love you! Come here quickly so I can give you your presents ;) She texted him and waited for his return while looking for the presents she had bought a few days ago.

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Faydrian. :)

  • Who cooks: No one. When they first tried, it only turned into a food fight. Although Adrian tries sometimes but doesn’t go beyond bacon and eggs and microwavables.
  • Who does the laundry and other chores:  They do these things together.
  • How many children do they have: One. A boy. (Moroi-Warlock hybrid. Oh gosh. Merlin. Haha.)
  • Who’s more dominate: Adrian
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Travelling
  • Their favorite place to be together: Their hotel room in Vegas
  • Any traditions: They always visit Mystic Falls just for Faye to check up on her mom. 
  • Their “song”: Adrian would always joke that it’s Waking Up In Vegas. Faye has a list of songs. 
  • What they do for each other on holidays: Dress up and party.
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: West London
  • Where did they first meet: Adrian first saw Faye in the Mystic Grill but they haven’t officially met until her Senior Ditch Day in Vegas
  • Any pets: None. They move around a lot so they can’t have any. But they always treat Faydrian, this gray teddy bear with a blue nose that Adrian won for Faye in the Town Fair on their first date, as their pet. 
  • What do they fight over: Faye would sometimes mention that she reminded Adrian of his past flame Rose. Adrian would always disagree with this.
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: They’ve been everywhere. That’s the joys of eloping. 

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What do you like the most about Faye Chamberlain? and now that she forgot about the past, are you willing to rebuild that friendship you had with her?

Her patience. She may have a few temper issues but she can definitely tolerate most of my shortcomings. And she’s just the mixture of sugar and spice, it’s not very hard to like her. She’ll always be my partner in crime.  

About erasing our past, that’s something that I will never be proud of. Faye and I didn’t really start of as “friends” but the idea of a clean slate is to actually be able to build that friendship with her…. without… I don’t even wanna go there.

Because she’s actually one of the most important people in my life and I don’t really wanna lose her completely.