Finally finished her ;;A;; this took longer than it should have… but i did learn ALOT from painting this (in Sai)

I have to say first, that because of Cusd and meloki mostly, wanting to grow more as artist it really motivated me to get better as one myself!

Their love for art really touched me in a way i had never felt before, it made me realize that if art is your passion- nurture it and never let all the hard work that went into it go to waste :>

Even though this rei painting took a month to finish, i am extremely happy that i did not give up on it or toss it aside, yes i procrastinate… but i have let my depression take too much away from me over the years; I was just tired of not growing as an artist even though i am good at drawing, I just couldnt sit by anymore letting my sadness hinder me from moving forward with art :)

I really like this style and i hope to have it become my new painting style, i definately will work hard to develop it! ♥


New styles? >.>; lol IDK
But yes, I am working on two new styles, a paint style (without line art) AND a lineart style.
I am trying to let go of that … ‘perfectionist’ attitude and just like, be more flow and relaxed with art, be more satisfied and be more happy with whatever results I get. I know I am improving, so I am starting to become alot more happy with whatever kind of art I produce, even if…. my styles need ALOT of consistency training :>

;A; my first Page/pre-mock up look of what my game MIGHT look like (again, mockup)

THIS is the selection screen for which gender/character you will pick in the game.

(im leaning more towards wanting to pick the girl) Which gender should I choose for my game challenge? (Whoever has most votes will be chosen)

Boy: 1 Vote

Girl: 1 votes



1. Name choosing

2. Pick a Race


Game Challenge Information right here! (IF you are interested in wanting to know more/help out) :>

^^ Some new art of my two characters (from my game, they arent the main characters and they are not NPC)

chihiro is 11 (the pink hair girl) and vivia is 12 (the blonde boy)

Some Info:

Chi is really shy around Vivi, and shes the motherly/carying type towards him
but sometimes she bosses him around and he ignores her xD

vivi on the other hand is a trickster, so hes always pulling pranks, but chi is to smart for them and sometimes pulls pranks on him instead.

but Vivia is caring towards her and whenever shes in trouble he comes to the rescue!


^^ some characters from my game.

The little girl (Chihiro) is a pink fox ( i drew this 2 years back but never colored her) which is a rare fox breed in my game. She is a Lily Maiden in training, and the adult fox next to her is her mentor (Lady, who is also a pink fox and a Lotus Maiden). Lady watches over Chihiro who is like a daughter to her. Chihiro is 10 years old, her parents are dead and she lives with her grandmother.

The blue fox, is Lady Bell or just Bell . Bell is an Oracle, and is the only Oracle in the village of Sakura. She is the only known (living) Blue fox in my game, she has no memory of where she came from but she is kind and is generous to those in need of help. Bell is Close friends with Lady.

The blonde fox in the white jacket has no name at the moment.. (maybe Viva?.. hm not sure)

He is around 13 years of age, and is the only blonde fox in his village. No one knows where he came from and he is quite the trickster in the village. He likes to play pranks on people and sometimes he steals fruits from the fields (his favorite fruit is strawberries). Viva? does not have a true (fox color) in the game, he appears to be a white fox, but its only his jacket thats white.

(I’ll add more info later)


:> Hey everyone!

I am happy to say that I am finally able to draw out more fawns AND oni (Children of fawnbirth maybe? the fawns of course, not the oni xD )

Each fawn I draw will represent a different theme/etc.

1. Chiri, she is oni of peace (She is the one with white/pants looking legs) xD

2. Kirin, She is a kirin-inspired fawn (I posted a picture of her before, she has long blue tail with deer antlers on her back)

;U; I like my fawn children/onis… if you guys want to see more/know more just let me know!