The new Supreme Paradox.

Believed to be a paradox Orange Dream Ivory from an Orange Dream Butter Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly pairing. She belongs to Shane Whitaker Quality Serpents and Nick Boles. (x)


housebatbetta found some photos of her posted after she shed! [X]

Vocal Health For Singers 

As some of you may already know, I study Musical Theatre at college and typically sing up to 6 hours minimum every day. I have spent years trying different products to support my vocal health so that I can produce optimum performance on a daily basis. Here is a list of my four go to products that I use everyday. 

1. Vicks Personal Steamer
I use my Vicks personal steamer every morning to make sure that my vocal cords are ready for the day. I notice a huge difference between days when I do and don’t steam. You can get these steamers from CVS or Walgreens if you are in the US or any Pharmacy internationally. I find that my vocal cords with lubricated and relaxed after a good 15-20 min steam and can also help especially if you live in a dryer environment. 

2. Throat Coat Tea (Lemon Echinacea) 
This tea is my go to tea for vocal health. There is literally nothing that compares to the way my vocal cords feel after this tea. I normally have one cup with two tea bags every morning with my Vicks steamer. I find that this tea especially helps if you are a highly active singer or currently in intense rehearsal periods. I buy the tea in bulk on Amazon - usually in a box of 6. 

3. Air-O Swiss Humidifier
This is especially important if you are asthmatic or extremely sensitive to dry environments vocally (I know I am!) I cannot tell you how much a difference having one of these makes! I sleep with mine every night and notice that if I forget to put it on or sleep somewhere else even for now night - my vocal cords feel incredibly dry the following morning and not lubricated enough for optimum performance. I know this is a more expensive option and there are cheaper options! Ideally, you want to keep your room at 50-60% humidity during sleep. It is extremely important that you remember to clean your humidifier on a regular basis!

4. Grether’s Pastilles (Sugarfree) 
These are my go to throat lozenges and a must have for singers. These lozenges have a soft feel to them and lubricate the vocal cords without damaging or numbing - which is extremely bad if you are about to sing or will be singing that day for you will not be able to feel if you a pressing and hurting yourself and therefore damaging your voice even further if you are a little under the weather. Again, these are a little more expensive but you can buy a large packet on Amazon which will typically last me 3-4 months (and I usually use a few a day). I would recommend sugarfree if you think you will be a frequent user. There are other flavours but I personally love the blackcurrent flavour. 

I hope this can help some of you aspiring musical theatre performers like myself! I will be making another post soon on exercises you can do during periods of vocal rest and general health/ wellness for singers. Let me know if there’s anything any of you guys use too! I am always up to experimenting different products for vocal health and wellness! 


Transparent Parisian Home


Tucked away in a small backstreet in Paris, this fine example of modern house architecture is outstanding amongst its more traditional neighbours. Designed by Aude Borromee Architecte, outside a simple climbing plant has been encouraged to grow along the metalwork of the facade of this stunning home to integrate the lovely modern house architecture with its more historic setting. All this house needs now is to be occupied, loved and brought to life.

Okay so, I’m going to make a page for my favourite blogs.

I’m doing this because I want a favourites page and I need new blogs to follow.

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