It feels like forever ago that I was playing with flowers, tramping about fields and pretending I had a clue how to be a stylist. I’ve lost all concept of time. It turns out that completely changing my daily routine has had more of an impact than I had expected. I knew it would be a change - that was the whole point - but I feel like all the projects I had been so carefully balancing have been tossed up into the air, and now I’m scrabbling on the floor trying to pick up the pieces.
My project with Jane Gowans is one of the lucky scraps I have so far managed to salvage from the jumbled heap that is my life these days. Just in time, too. Jane launches her Autumn/Winter 2012 colourways today, which means I finally get to show you some of my favourite pictures from the shoot courtesy of my friend Kristen.

It was hard for us to find a way to show off Jane’s work without being all, “Hey, look at my jewellery! I’ll just put my hand up here next to my face in a totally natural way! Did I mention my jewellery?” but we tried. Obviously, hanging around a field wearing a flower crown and no trousers isn’t exactly normal (if that is normal for you, can we please swap lives?) but hopefully it’s not completely ridiculous. A little ridiculous is fine, of course; it is fashion, after all.

Huge thanks to Jane for asking me to play stylist for the day. Over a year ago, I wrote about Jane and Kristen and their choice to lead a creative life, to bring something beautiful into the world that wasn’t there before. For Jane to have confidence in my ability to do the same feels pretty darn excellent.

Please, please go and visit her site to see the rest of the shoot and the full collection in all its glory.

Soo… what do you think?

(If you’re thinking, “Hang on, is that model naked?”, the answer is, fortunately, no.)

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One of my favourite pictures from the kew garden shoot last week with @treasuredbouquetslady And @thewhitingpost just perfect. Thank you @treasuredbouquetslady for being in this picture with your two girls . (at kew gardens)