I’m gonna draw a bit more today to get more familiar with this new tablet, but I want to draw something else than Markiplier/Darkiplier stuff. So send me your favourite game character(s) for ideas and I might draw some of them? (:

I was tagged in a couple of these but this one was by the fabulous and absolute ethereal princess paragonapostate. Leggo!

Name: Demi

Birthday: October 18th

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: I thought I was bi and now I think I might be pan, I’m really unsure right now.

Favourite Colour: Silver and turquoise.

Current Time and Date: 11:21am on the 31st of January 2015.

Last Thing You Googled: “why is cell service so bad in Cambridge”.

Favourite Books: The entire ASOIAF series, An Egg on Three Sticks, I Am The Wallpaper, You Don’t Know Me, Silence of the Lambs, Seven Deadly Sins, Cloud Atlas, High Fidelity, Good Omens, The Princess Bride, Carrie and Horns. I recommend all of those.

Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones.

Favourite drink: Red Bull.

Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Any form of cider.

Last Movie I Saw in Cinemas: Big Hero 6, I saw it yesterday with some people from the magazine.

Dream Job:I would love to publish a YA novel that makes it as big as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or something. Since that’s not likely to happen, I’d like to teach. My literature teacher was a huge, wonderful influence in my life. I wanna be the same for some kid.

anonymous asked:

what's your all-time favourite video game?

probably Pokemon pr Kirby bc they make me happy

So, I’ve come to the sudden realization that this blog started as a les mis blog, then it turned into a theatre blog, and then it turned into a reblogging friend’s posts blog, with some theatre stuff. I think I need to settle on a theatre blog.

So it’s time to play everyone’s favourite game show

Ask the random theatre person about what she thinks about random plays!

And people who actually know me in real life? Help me out with this one. K? :)


  • My Favourite Things (Tumblr Edition)
  • Waiting4Codot
  • Penguins in Marmalade

My Favourite Things
Tumblr Edition
(This version written and performed by Codot)

Watching the clever consulting Detective,
Timelords and Doctors, and the Borg Collective,
Princes of Asgard and Angels with wings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Winchester Boys in their old ‘67,
Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith make 11,
Seeing White Walkers and Clashes with Kings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Wizards who cast spells with deadly precision,
Inspectors who say it’s “not my division”,
GIF-ing The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

When Arthur dies,
"Let me through, please!",
When the Angels Weep,
I try to remember my favourite things,
and then cry myself to sleep!

Billionaire geniuses bringing the party,
Desperately trying to thwart Moriarty,
It’s never over until the Ood sings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Fluttershy, Applejack, and all the Ponies,
NUTCRACKER! Sam takes one in the Cojones,
Aang, Zuko, Bolin and Korra’s Bendings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

What time is it, why it’s time for Adventure,
Feeling the love between Xavier and Lehnsherr,
In fact, let’s go mad with all our shippings,
These are a few of my favourite things!

When I get hit,
Right in the feels,
When it makes me sad.
I simply remember my favourite things,
and then I don’t feel so bad!

Johanna Mason may be the most cunning tribute of all, with her elfin features and propensity to feign weakness. However, her choice of weapon definitely speaks otherwise. This minx from District 7 — where trees grow high and fall hard — is known for flinging an axe that soars like a hawk. Her rebellious personal style suits her character. Is that blood in this edgy tribute’s hair or just a few dip-dyed cherry streaks? Either way, we’re intrigued by the ferociously blunt cut that frames her pixie-like face. It almost looks as if her stylist hacked away at her mane with an axe. Johanna’s arched posture and sidelong glance shows off a keen sense of bravado. You might recall that it was just four years ago that she won the 71st Hunger Games, so she’s still savoring the sweet taste of victory. And no doubt, Johanna from District 7 is hungry for another helping.