DRAGON AGE BABES: DARKEST TIMELINE EDITION (and also dark hair apparently. that was unintentional)

basically i just wanted to have a da:i world state where EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE and let me tell u playing da2 as pro-templar and rivalmancing anders at the same time is the worst thing i’ve ever done in a game and im probably going to Game Hell

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Summary of my favourite games

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri: 7 sociopath’s get let loose and try to take over what they believe to be the last of the human race 

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Alien Crossfire: 2 Aliens, a child born in the bush and 4 new sociopath’s also get let loose and try to take over whats left of the human race or destroy it. What ever happens first

Mass Effect: Shepard is seeing shit and no one believes them

Mass Effect 2: Everyone is too concerned that Shepard is working for the ‘bad guys’ then concentrating on the REAL bad guys that are about to attack

Mass Effect 3: The bad guys attack and Shepard says ‘I told you so’

Saints Row the Third: America tries to enter Euro-vision

Saint Row 4: Aliens take over Euro-vision 

The Sims: Playing God

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15, transgirl, 5 foot 6, blue/Gray eyes, Charcoal black hair, one of my favourite hobbies is drawing my best friends cause it always makes them smile and I like to play video games, my favourite type of music is soft piano music and melodic Dubstep, I would take you out to get milkshakes or drink of your choosing then go for a walk in a quiet park and just talk about life with you for a while or take you to a museum or art gallery

oh god we could play video games together!!! piano music is awesome i agree, you could meet my abuela she’s a concert pianist! milkshakes and walks and talks sounds awesome :) were you a bit older i would totally date!

describe yourself on anon and i’d say if i’d date you

10 People I'll Like To Get to Know Better

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Nickname - Sof

Star sign - Aquarius lol jk Libra

Gender - Female

Height - 5′6″

Time and Date- 10:01am 05/30/2015

Average amount of sleep - 7 hours

Lucky number - 3 

Last thing I googled - mint museum of toys

First word that comes to mind - hungry

How many blankets to you sleep with - 3

Favorite fictional characters - (non-otome) Grimmjow, Itachi, Nurarihyon, Ultear, Ace and the (ex) Akatsuki

Favorite Celebrities - Myself

Favourite books - Game of Thrones, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Percy Jackson

Last movie I saw in the cinema - Pitch Perfect 2

Dream holiday - Europe

Dream job - Writer, Entrepreneur

Wearing Right now - shorts and pj top

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Growing up, one of my favourite games to play was timesplitters 2. I was like 5 and didn’t realise how badass the female characters were, even though a lot of them were given heavily sexualized outfits. However, going back and playing the game, this character, who I never played as or really liked, has become one of my favourites because get this, she’s a badass female sheriff who wasn’t sexualized at all. This game deserves a lot more attention than it gets. All of the timesplitters games do. They’re genuinely just fun to play.