• some guy idk:I’ve seen exactly part of one episode of supernatural. it was the one where the angel dude died.
  • Me:Which time?
  • Friend:Ander is such a dweeb. I bet he can tell you the episode, season, and title of that episode.
  • Me:I can. Did angel dude explode?
  • some guy:Yeah.
  • Me:That’s the finale of season 5. Episode 22. Swan Song.
  • Friend:.........
  • Friend:I didn’t think you actually could.

ifyourenotlost asked:

this might be an impossible question, ignore me if so but i'm curious - what are your five favourite west wing episodes? (or ten if you have time) x

1. The Crackpots and These Women

2. In the Shadow of Two Gunmen

3. Two Cathedrals

4. The Women of Qumar

5. Game On

6. Guns Not Butter

7. The Supremes

8. Galileo

9. 20 Hours in America

10. Manchester

11. Six Meetings Before Lunch


x-chick303 said: One of my favorite dub lines is when Sanji saw the afro for the first time. He said. “SO FUNKY! I CAN FEEL THAT JIVE LIKE A FIRE IN MY SOUL!” It was so funny!

HAHAHA, oh lord, is it wrong that I can imagine Sanji saying that and meaning every single word? xD

scarredtiger said: Some of my favourite dubbed episodes here. They completely roll with the afro and the blacksploitation, and its just so *FUNKY*

That’s it! The theme was 80s blacksploitation. Everything was soul-filled and funky. Gawd. xD  There seems to be a consensus that 217-218 are hilarious dubs.

amazingbedhead said: Watching these two episodes reminded me of watching Looney Toons as a kid. No one does slapstick humor like Oda!

Good catch! The slapstick was strong in 217-218. They even had giant boxing glove punching machines! I mean, come on! xD

blogquantumreality said: Ah yes, the Afro of Strength :D Luffy’s battle with Foxy was fun to watch, if making me considerably anxious because of the Noro Noro Beam. :O

That Noro Noro beam could have been something special if a more ruthless character had got their hands on that fruit. If Luffy hadn’t found that shard of mirror things might have turned out differently. Foxy gave him a good match (though it was heavily skewed in his favour).

meheartonepiece said: Nah the foxy fight is canon, just that in the manga it’s the third game of the first Davy back fight. Btw, did you notice the hat Usopp was wearing? ;) ;) ;)

Ahhh… okay. I think I get the order of the games now. Everything makes more sense (and Luffy is much more in-character). I didn’t notice the hat Usopp was wearing? Is it a reference to something?

saisai-chan said: the fight on the ship is NOT filler!! it’s totally canon!

Thanks! Everything makes more sense now (not to mention Luffy’s actions seem more in-character). ^_^

greatninjadragon said: no the afro fight is canon. I just meant the two games covered in the last two episodes.

Got you! So the roller-rink race and the sneaking up on Tonjit game were filler? Everything makes much more sense now. xD

edwinflores428 said: One more thing, eventually you’ll meet a character you’ll absolutely LOVE and works an epic afro….even though he’s a bit perverted

Cannot wait to meet this awesome, fro’d character. He’s not the shipwright, is he? Don’t tell me! Argh, why do I invite spoilers?

martyslittleusedblog said: Oh! Ah, the fight on the ship IS canon. The canon games are as follows: boat race (except only with Nami, Robin, and Usopp), that pirate-basketball-thing, and the Luffy vs. Foxy fight.

Also, the arc is almost over, but I should warn you, the arc ends with filler bullcrap in the anime, whereas in the manga, it ends with the Straw Hats meeting someone VERY, VERY important (they do meet him later in the anime, but it’ll take a couple more filler arcs…(HEAVY SIGH))…

There is filler bullcrap? Is this skippable? I know I have to watch two episodes in particular to meet this important someone, but if possible, I’d rather skip the bullcrap. :)

dear-claudia asked:

I almost feel like spn has gotten darker over the seasons, which is totally ok but I find myself pretty nostalgic for the earlier seasons were they had more fun in general.

oH man I miss the first three seasons. They were still so young and happier, I guess? And yeah, they had more fun. One of my favourite episodes is Hell House, for that reason. They’re pulling pranks on each other and laugh a lot and they’re just so cute and adorable and :((

Seasons 1 - 5 are the best imo.

Day 4: What is your favourite episode in the Saiyuki Anime (Gensoumaden,Reload,Gunlock)?

Gensoumaden Saiyuki: episode 16-Be there

This is my favourite episode of all Saiyuki series,for many reasons. Let’s start: first the musics,they are so touching that everytime i listen to them i cry and i feel a strong jolt in my bowels,second the story. In this episode we see Sanzo and Goku which walk through the forest following after Cho Gonou with Gojyo trailing behind them and Sanzo suspects Gonou is headed for Hyakugan Maoh’s castle and the first thing that leaps out at me is the development of characterisation of Hakkai and Gojyo and the effect of Sanzo’s words in the last part of the episode.

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Kids, it’s been almost twenty years since that cold April night in 2013. And I can safely tell you if I could go back in time and relive that night, there’s no way in hell I’d go to Robots versus Wrestlers. No, I’d go home. I’d go to my old apartment, see all my old furniture, my old stuff. I’d see my old drafting table where I sketched out my first building. I’d sit on that old couch and smell the indian food cooking three stories below. I’d go to Lily and Marshall’s place, be back in that old living room where so many things happened. I’d see the baby. I don’t know if you can picture me holding your six foot, seven cousin Marvin over my head, but back then I could. I’d go have a drink with Barney and Robin, watch them fight about their caterer, or whatever it was they were fighting about that night. But none of those things is the thing I’d do first. You know the thing I’d do first.

Hi. I’m Ted Mosby. And exactly forty-five days from now, you and I are going to meet, and we’re gonna fall in love. And we’re gonna get married, and we’re gonna have two kids. And we’re gonna love them and each other so much. All that is forty-five days away. But I’m here now, I guess because I want those extra forty-five days. With you, I want each one of them. Look, if I can’t have them, I’ll take the forty-five seconds before your boyfriend shows up and punches me in the face. Because, I love you. I’m always gonna love you, till the end of my days and beyond.

“Hi April. It’s me, Andy. Just stay sleeping, I’m going to be here when you wake up. I’m not going to leave your side… You could asleep for hours, maybe I’ll come back later. Hope you feel better, okay. Oh, and I know you think that I’m a jerk but I hope you can forgive me. [He kisses her forehead] Gross. Your forehead is all sweaty. That’s gross… but I still like you. Oh, that’s disgusting.”