In the end, Ichigo ended up cooking during the argument and Saniwa had Hasebe and Mitsutada apologize to each other.

They became friends again, but you can’t heal quite as well after being called meme fodder.

(edit: made Hasebabe’s line funnier)

Fanfic Friday #24

They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me by freneticcore
Legend of Korra - Korrasami -  Rated: Teen

In a world where you share in the pain of your soul mate, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who your intended is supposed to be, especially when you’re both in constant peril. But amazingly, Korra and Asami find all sorts of ways to deny what their pain receptors are telling them.

(Soul mate AU where they can feel each other’s physical and emotional pain to a degree.)



I am apparently going to London with my parents and hubby to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet!

My mom somehow got 2 tickets (don’t ask me how, my mom is magical!), so I get to see the play with her. I haven’t been to London in a very long time, so I am very excited. My husband has never been out of the country except for Mexico and some day trips to Canada, so I’m excited for him to see everything as well. I’ve already asked him what he wants to see.

Hopefully the trip is lovely. If anyone has any suggestions about what to see feel free to drop me a line.

In other news, I finally had that sleep paralysis episode I could tell was lurking. Because of that I got approximately zero sleep and took the day off (I had trouble typing my name, so I think I made the right decision). Unfortunately I just managed to fall asleep around 9AM when I got a killer headache that woke me. So I’ve had maybe 3 hours of sleep total in the last 24 and my sleep has been off all week as well, so I’ve gotten very little sleep and I’m not happy. I’m hoping to pass out tonight (please).

I was just guessing at numbers and figures pulling your puzzles apart;
Questions of science; science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart.

Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me and I rush to the start…
running in circles, chasing our tails coming back as we are. xxx

The Dark One & True Love's Kiss

Remember way back when Belle was Rumple’s servant? When Belle kissed him, the darkness immediately began to fade away and reveal the man underneath; there was no sign of the darkness moving on to another person or place, it simply appeared to melt away.

Rumbelle is (even though it’s honestly not my favorite) a True Love couple, so the kiss that began to free Rumple can be classified as a True Love’s Kiss.

So… why did he revert back into “the Crocodile”?

Rumple was always stubborn and self-centered; he had always yearned for power after being deemed a coward for so many years. Of course he would be reluctant to give up such magic!

In addition, he wasn’t ready to admit to himself that he was in love with Belle. Soooo, what does this mean for our new Dark One, the lovely Emma Swan?

True Love’s Kiss has been shown to eradicate the darkness; I am certain that this will be the cure for Emma, and perhaps the way Merlin designed this evil power- after all, True Love’s Kiss can overcome anything.

But wait, as the Dark One, won’t Emma be reluctant to give up her power as well?


At least not to the same degree as Rumple, for multiple reasons.

Emma was never looking for power (“I didn’t ask for any of this!”, back when she was arguing with August in Season 1)- she just wanted a normal life, family… and ultimately, love. This is a huge contrast to Rumple. Sure, he wanted Milah and Bae/Neal’s love, but that was never his primary goal. His mission was to essentially change who he was.

Compare this to Emma: she has finally embraced the fact that she is the Savior, and she didn’t pursue power out of selfishness; she sacrificed herself.

Although a part of her will cling to the darkness and fight to maintain it, deep down she is still Emma Swan- the product of True Love, the beloved daughter of Snowing, mother of Henry, and the love of Killian Jones’ life.

What is most important in all of this is that SHE FINALLY ADMITTED TO HERSELF (and to him!) THAT SHE IS IN LOVE WITH KILLIAN!!! This is huge.

Her entire character has been WALLSWALLSWALLS- and we can’t blame her for that- and Killian was the turning point. Henry was the original turning point, of course, but for the purpose of TLK I’m discussing Killian.

He read her like an open book and they have such a fiery, soulful connection that even the fearful Savior couldn’t deny. This is huge because she KNOWS TLK can save her. She KNOWS that she’s in love with Killian, and he knows it too (about bloody time :D). In fact, she asks him SPECIFICALLY to BRING HER BACK, to save her from what she is to become.

It is set up PERFECTLY.

Yeah, I want them to share TLK and to bang and marry and have wee pirates and princesses skipping around with brilliant blonde hair and sassy eyebrows, like, the moment they met, but I am so sure that it’s finally going to happen for them.

And it’s going to be fugging marvelous.



today i got my “exclusive collector’s edition” of ‘Fangirl’ signed by rainbowrowell herself!!! it has fan art made by real fans here on tumblr, a Q&A with the author, and a special sneak peek of her upcoming novel ‘Carry On’

if you haven’t read this book, you really need to